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The Time
"Ice Cream Castle"

© Warner Bros. Records
Year of Release: 1984

track listing
  • Ice Cream Castles
  • My Drawers
  • Chili Sauce
  • Jungle Love
  • If The Kid Can't Make You Come
  • The Bird

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    The Time
    "Ice Cream Castle"

    What Time Is It???

    Back in 1984 when (The Artist Formerly Known As) Prince had the hit movie and soundtrack of Purple Rain, The Time starred as a feature role in the movie. They performed two songs, which were not part of the movie soundtrack. Instead, these two songs, Jungle Love and The Bird, were featured on their third album, 1984's Ice Cream Castle.

    The Time's music is very Prince-influenced. (Hey, is that Prince sitting on the car in the album cover, or is it just a huge striking resemblence?) And as you listen to the entire album, that "Prince sound" is definitely there, throughout each song. The two main hits Jungle Love and The Bird are classic Prince-funk tunes, the remaining tunes are just as good.

    The title track is a smooth, bouncy funk tune. This Prince-influenced song can be compared to any of the songs from Prince's 1999 release. My Drawers is a funky tune, as it resembles Jungle Love and Ready The For World's Oh Sheila, another Prince-influenced musical group. Chili Sauce is a slow tune, as it is pretty much a talking song. In a way, it has musical influences as future acts Milli Vanilli, Silk, and New Kids on the Block.

    Another slow tune is If The Kid Can't Make You Come. Some rumours were that this song was about Prince himself, as he was writing songs (and still does) of a sexual nature. And, as the title shows, it is a song about personal sexual satisfaction. And, like most Prince-sexual tunes, it does have a female voice doing what it does when it comes to the end of that sexual satisfaction. It's soft-sounding at the end of the song, giving it a special effect touch.

    And then there's the two main hits on the album. Jungle Love could easily of fit the Purple Rain soundtrack. The guitar lead is similar to Prince's Let's Go Crazy. This song, as well as The Bird, are two great dance songs, which was the sound of the mid-to-late 1980s. The Bird was the start of a new dance trend, as The Time showed how to do it in the Purple Rain movie.

    An amazing thing is that Prince didn't co-write any of the songs on this album. They were all written or co-written by the lead singer of The Time, Morris Day. Prince and Day had been bandmates in their early days in Minneapolis, in a band named Grand Central. By 1984, The Time had gone through personnel changes. Previously, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis had left The Time, to become very successful composer/producers for other acts, such as Janet Jackson, Human League, and Herb Alpert. Shortly after Ice Cream Castle, Morris Day's relationships with Prince and The Time had fallen. Day has released two solo albums as of 1988.

    Ice Cream Castle is a good album. There are only six songs featured, where all of the songs are over four to seven minutes in length. As good as this album is, you feel like you want to hear more, for those who really enjoy this album, as well as Prince's music. The Time started other Prince-influenced acts, such as Ready For The World, and probably the most popular, Sheila E. For the Prince fan, this album will be truly enjoyed, except that you kind of wish there was more songs on the album. Maybe this was a good idea, you don't want to give too much, but then again, that could of made the album better, or maybe even worse.

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