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"Too Hot To Handle"

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Year of Release: 1977

track listing
  • Too Hot To Handle
  • Boogie Nights
  • Ain't No Half Steppin'
  • Always And Forever
  • Super Soul Sister
  • All You Do Is Dial
  • Lay It On Me
  • Sho'nuff Must Be Luv
  • Beat Your Booty

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    "Too Hot To Handle"

    With the current 1998 movie Boogie Nights, the song of the same name is by a funk/disco band called Heatwave. Their 1977 release, Too Hot To Handle, defines the sound of pure late 70s disco.

    The opening track, which is the title track, is pure disco funk. Boogie Nights is another great disco powered song. I used to have the 45 single, as this song was a heavily played tune, both on radio and on my turntable. One thing that is great, is learning that most singles are of a longer version contained on the orginal album. This song is clocked just over 5 minutes, and certain verses and different instrumentation is discovered differently, if you are well familiar with the single version.

    Super Soul Sister is a funky-Stevie Wonder sounding song that starts out with synthesizers as in Wonder's Superstition. And it also reminds me in a way of another funky band, named War and their song called Cisco Kid. Overall, it's another good funky tune.

    Once again, we slow things down with All You Do Is Dial, a song in the style of The Stylistics, with it's high falsetto vocals and harmonies. Lay It On Me is a medium tempo song, and the slow souled Sho'nuff Must Be Luv are also songs in the vocal style of The Stylistics. Ending the album is Beat Your Booty. And with a title like that, it cannot be a slowie, it has to be a disco-based tune. And it is.

    Heatwave's Too Hot To Handle defines the sound of funk and disco, the sound of the late 1970s. It also has slow paced tunes in the style of another popular sound of the 1970s, soul music. It's an album that you can dance to, both fast and slow. If you like disco, this is an album you will enjoy. If not, well, we can assume that disco is not in your music vocabulary. But disco cannot be overlooked, it was one of many popular musical trends, as in classic rock, alternative, and rap. In any sense, Heatwave, as well as other disco talents, managed to take the new music at the time, and record songs that would become popular hits. The name Heatwave may not be as popular as other well-known disco acts, but the song Boogie Nights does ring a bell to many who were around in the 70s. In fact, a movie of that name just recently hit the local movie houses. Not only did this song get another look, it just may want you to overlook Heatwave's music. That is not a bad idea.

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