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Year of Release: 1983

track listing
  • Here Comes The Rain Again
  • Regrets
  • Right By Your Side
  • Cool Blue
  • Who's That Girl
  • The First Cut
  • Aqua
  • No Fear, No Hate, No Pain
    (No Broken Hearts)
  • Paint A Rumour

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    One thing I hate is the fact that after a group/artist's albums are reissued on CD, suddenly, they are discontinued. Maybe because they weren't selling as good as other popular artists. Eurythmics, unfortunately, falls into that category. Simply go to the "E" section, look for Eurythmics, and you'll be lucky to find any albums by them, other than Greatest Hits compilations. In either case, you will most likely see a small assortment of albums by Eurythmics, as compared to a whole shelf devoted to one particular artist.

    Anyway, in the years where new wave and dance music were dominating the now past decade, The Eighties, Eurythmics, were led by Annie Lennox and David A. Stewart. The only big hit off their 1983 album Touch was Here Comes The Rain Again, which was a regular radio player. Another song that received radio airplay was a somewhat reggae-influenced song entitled Right By Your Side.

    Regrets, a song probably not found on a Greatest Hits compilation, should be. It's slow beat is driving, the musical instruments and background chants/backgrounds make this song as another standout by Annie and David. Cool Blue has that Eighties dance sound, where it is fast paced, the bass lines are pretty good in this tune. Yet it doesn't carry out as a song that would get repeated airplay, as compared to other Eurythmics tunes.

    Who's That Girl did get some radio airplay, as it is a slow soulful song that can easily grace an Eurythmics Greatest Hits package. The main lyrics are sweet, and its chorus is an attention-getter as it jumps out at you before going back to the pleasant sounding verses. The First Cut is a gritty dance rocker, as the vocals are soulful. The beat of this song is easily compared to funky numbers done by Prince (when he was known as Prince). Aqua, is another song like Cool Blue, where it is a moody song, with moody "Don't Touch Me" lyrics. And it does have a special effect: The words "Don't Touch Me" are used with an effects box, that sounds like Satan, in a deep throaty voice.

    No Fear, No Hate, No Pain (No Broken Hearts) features Annie Lennox's voice as charming and beautiful as it is. It's gutsy in some places, and her vocal range does stand out, and it's easy to discover why her voice is so good in songs that these, as well as many others. Lastly, Paint A Rumour is heavily synthesized, and new wave sounding.

    With the combination of synthesized-new wave music (David Stewart's "wizardy" they called it), and Annie Lennox's beautiful voice, made Eurythmics a well-known name in music. Their music not only features new wave, it also combines other musical styles, like soul and funk. Many songs from Touch features this. Yet again, it is hard for anyone who wishes to discover (or re-discover) Annie & Dave's music, by listening to their original albums. Most likely they could only go by Greatest Hits compilations, but, like any other musical artists, there are many many songs that never received the title of "Best Of". Of course, that title is debateable to those listening to other "not-so-well-known" tunes.

    But Touch is a very well done album. There are songs that easily captures your attention, and the other songs pretty much evens out the flow.

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    Previous Review: #585
    Chuck Mangione--Feels So Good
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