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Alannah Myles
"Alannah Myles"

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track listing
  • Still Got This Thing
  • Love Is
  • Black Velvet
  • Rock This Joint
  • Lover Of Mine
  • Kick Start My Heart
  • If You Want To
  • Just One Kiss
  • Who Loves You
  • Hurry Make Love

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    Alannah Myles
    "Alannah Myles"

    In the power rock of such female talents as Heart, Melissa Etheridge and Vixen, Alannah Myles' self-titled debut album defines one word, and that is, Alannah Myles just simply ROCKS! The album starts out with "Still Got This Thing", and if this song doesn't grab your attention, I don't know what else will. It's a great rockin' song, having a mix of hard rock/heavy metal.

    "Love Is" was another song that received some heavy radio airplay, and it's another great rockin' song that had me hitting the repeat button from time to time, likewise the next song, which is the most famous song from this album, the #1 "Black Velvet."

    To some, Alannah Myles was a one-hit wonder with the popularity of "Black Velvet", but there are many songs from her self-titled album that should of been given more exosure. Sure, "Black Velvet" is the one song that everyone will remember her by, but practically every song from this album could easily get heavy radio airplay. "Black Velvet" is probably the only song having a less than hard rock sound. It's powering bass line has a similar resemblance to a slowed-down version of The Doors' "Roadhouse Blues."

    Again, hard rock returns with "Rock This Joint." "Lover Of Mine" is easily defined as a song that is closely related to a slow ballad by Heart.

    It seems Alannah doesn't know when to quit when it comes to hard rock: "Kick Start My Heart" is another rocker, having a great heavy rock sound. "If You Want To" has a more pop rock sound, in the styles of Bonnie Raitt and Bryan Adams. "Just One Kiss" is another medium-sized rocker, and "Who Loves You" is a ballad, yet it bursts into some powerful rock choruses. "Hurry Make Love" has the Bon Jovi-accoustic-styled guitar, and Melissa Etheridge-styled vocals.

    Alannah Myles is definitely a great album. I don't know how many original albums she has. There is a greatest hits album currently released, so I'm guessing that some, or all of her original albums may be out-of-print. Alannah Myles alone could easily be a "best of," having two songs that received heavy airplay (the #1 "Black Velvet" and "Love Is"), yet there are other songs that could of easily received the same exposure. I'm sure there are some album-oriented rock stations still spinning some of these songs from a "lesser-known-artist" by the name of Alannah Myles...

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