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Ten Years After
"A Space In Time"

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Year of Release: 971<

track listing
  • One Of These Days
  • Here They Come
  • I'd Love To Change
    The World
  • Over The Hill
  • Baby Won't You Let Me
    Rock 'N Roll You
  • Once There Was A Time
  • Let The Sky Fall
  • Hard Monkeys
  • I've Been There Too
  • Uncle Jam

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    Ten Years After
    "A Space In Time"

    Classic Rock fans...Listen up...Ten Years After's A Space In Time is a MUST for your record collection.

    As a child, this album was one of many that was always spinning on the turntable. (Yes, vinyl was a-happenin' back then...) This album truly ROCKS, as Alvin Lee & Ten Years After knew how to rock, as there are some mellow-type songs that makes A Space In Time a kick-ass album. The album has great rock numbers, slow songs, and it also features some psychedelia.

    The album starts out with "One Of These Days," a song that combines rock and psychedlia. It's eerie beginning leads up to a song that is truly great to begin an album, and for better tunes to come. "Here They Come" is another song mixed with psychedelia, as it is a slow rock number, causing a mellow mood.

    "I'd Love To Change The World," a regular staple on Classic Rock Radio, is on this album, and sadly, it's the only Ten Years After song that is regularly played on the radio. This is a song that is never tiring, even though there should be far more other songs by Ten Years After that should be played on a regular basis on Classic Rock Radio.

    "Over The Hill" is another slow number, that includes a Classical ensemble (amazing!), making Ten Years After only a handful of bands in the late-Sixties/early Seventies to experiment with instruments normally heard in Classical Music. (The Moody Blues, Deep Purple, Jethro Tull and Procol Harum were others, and of course, progressive rockers Emerson, Lake & Palmer).

    A true rocker, "Baby Won't You Let Me Rock And Roll You" is a song that should of gained as much radio exposure as "I'd Love To Change The World." It begins with a sound effect of searching through the radio dial, trying to find something good to listen to. When the "dial" has found something "good," it kicks into the ultimate kick-ass rock-n-roll song, and, your reaction is to immediately turn this rocker up to the limit. Believe me, this is one song that constantly received a lot of playing on the ol' turntable of mine, way back when.

    "Once There Was A Time" has a somewhat "down on the farm" sound, as heard in such boogie bands as Savoy Brown. "Let The Sky Fall" focuses on the bass, as this moody/psychedelic song is another song that should of received more airplay. "Hard Monkeys" has an "I'd Love To Change The World" atmosphere, as it truly rocks.

    "I've Been There Too" is another good medium-sized rocker, and the album ends with the jazz-influenced instrumental, "Uncle Jam," a different way in ending a great Classic Rock album.

    Ten Years After's music mostly focuses on hard rock blues. Their performance at the 1969 Woodstock festival was truly amazing, with their extended jam, "I'm Going Home". A Space In Time is considered THE album to get if you are curious in discovering this particular band. It's an album that will have you pressing the repeat button of various songs, if not, the entire album.

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    Previous Review: #630
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