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"Central Heating"

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Year of Release: 1979

track listing
  • Put The Word Out
  • Send Out For Sunshine
  • Central Heating
  • Happiness Togetherness
  • The Groove Line
  • Mind Blowing Decisions
  • The Star Of A Story
  • Party Poops
  • Leavin' For A Dream

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    "Central Heating"

    Heatwave is best known for two hits -- "Boogie Nights" (from Too Hot To Handle), and "The Groove Line", from this week's chosen album, 1979's Central Heating. Combining soul, funk and disco, these three types of music best defines this album.

    Songs such as "Put The Word Out and the title track definitely have some Earth, Wind & Fire dance inspiration. "Send Out For Sunshine" defines disco and funk. "Happiness Togetherness" is a pure soul ballad, with vocals compared to The Stylistics. If you're familiar with another ballad by Heatwave, "Always And Forever" (from Too Hot To Handle), you'll know that "Happiness Togetherness" is just as great.

    "The Groove Line" is one of those ultimate disco hits, where the song itself has its own unique groove, and was a very popular disco dance favorite, back in the heyday of disco. Combining soft-jazz with soul, "Mind Blowing Decisions" is a peaceful, relaxing song. "The Star Of A Story" is another ballad, sounding more like a ballad by Earth, Wind & Fire.

    In the upbeat dance style of "The Groove Line,", the disco beat and the dancing rhythm gets grooving with "Party Poops;" the title of the song itself makes you think that it definitely has to be an upbeat disco dance number. The album's closing song, "Leavin' For A Dream," is another pure soul ballad.

    Heatwave's music is best compared to the upbeat and soulful tunes of Earth, Wind & Fire. Pure classic soul, mixed with upbeat disco combines a good atmosphere for Central Heating. Any fan of 1970s soul music will enjoy this album. The 1970s soul music is much different than today's soul, yet the 1970s soul music was the foundation and inspiration towards today's soul acts.

    Central Heating is quite comfortable (no pun intended on the that line, with the appropriate album title...) 1970s soul and disco truly defines Heatwave's music on this album. Intentionally for the soul and 1970s fan, quite comfortable best summarizes the overall review of this album.

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