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The Chantels
"The Best Of The Chantels"

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Year of Release: 1990

track listing
  • He's Gone
  • The Plea
  • Maybe
  • I've Lied
  • So Real
  • Every Night
    (I Pray)
  • Whoever You Are
  • I Love You So
  • How Could You Call It Off
  • Prayee
  • Sure Of Love
  • Memories
  • If You Try
  • I Can't Take It
    (There's Our
    Song Again)
  • Goodbye To Love
  • Summer's Love
  • Look In My Eyes
  • Well I Told You

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    The Chantels
    "The Best Of The Chantels"

    The Chantels -- best known for their song "Maybe," were one of many popular girl groups of the late 1950s to early 1960s. Their music truly captures the early sound of 1950s rock & roll; a female version of doo-wop 50s rock.

    "He's Gone" and "The Plea" were their beginning hits, yet they probably didn't get as much popularity as "Maybe", a regular (if not only) song that receives airplay on many oldies stations. "Maybe" would later be covered by Janis Joplin, on her Kozmic Blues album. Both versions are outstanding; The Chantels' version defines the true sound for female 1950s rock; this song is a classic.

    As much as this "Best Of" does capture the heart and soul of The Chantels, most (if not all) of the songs have the same common sound: Classic doo-wop rock & roll. And, in comparing most of the songs, they do sound alike, this is not to review this compilation as bad. However, the last song, "Well, I Told You" is more upbeat rhythm & blues, as compared to the previous 17 songs.

    But The Chantels sound can also be compared to the very early years of Smokey Robinson & The Miracles, and to many early 1950s male rock groups. Yet, like many female 1950s vocal groups, The Chantels music is excellent jukebox material, and in a sense, picture the soundtrack music to the movie American Graffiti, and you can easily imagine the sound of The Chantels.

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    Previous Review: #666
    George Harrison--Gone Troppo
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