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Ramsey Lewis
"Golden Hits"

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track listing
  • Hang On Sloopy
  • Blues For The Night Owl
  • Hi-Heel Sneakers
  • Carmen
  • (Song Of) Delilah
  • Wade In The Water
  • Slipping Into Darkness
  • Somethin' You Got
  • The "In" Crowd

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    Ramsey Lewis
    "Golden Hits"

    In 1973, well-known jazz great Ramsey Lewis re-recorded some of his popular tunes, originally from the 1960s. Having the common sound of jazz in the Sixties, the 1970s had arrived, where music was soulful and funky. With that in mind, Ramsey Lewis and crew recorded Golden Hits, also sub-titled Newly Recorded, All-Time, Non-Stop Golden Hits. Combining soul and funk with jazz, it brought a new sound to Lewis' previous work.

    Starting out with a familiar song, but with a different sound, "Hang On Sloopy" has the funk/soul sound. "Blues For The Night Owl" has some great grooves, mixing common jazz with soul. "Hi-Heel Sneakers," a song recorded by Jerry Lee Lewis, gets the Ramsey soul touch, with some unique guitar solos and funky beats. "Carmen," the opera favorite, showcases Ramsey Lewis at the electric piano, creating a unique jazz sound for a unique common opera staple.

    "(Song Of) Delilah" starts out as smooth, new-age jazz, but then turns into soul/funk jazz, a common sound heard throughout this album. "Wade In The Water" is more upbeat jazz than soul and funk; an original sound that Lewis had in the Sixties, as in his original 1960s hit, "The 'In' Crowd".

    "Slipping Into Darkness" is the song that is best remembered for me, being from a 1970s compilation album, Ronco's Good Vibrations. Lewis' version here is the long version, as it is soulful, groovin', amd cool. "Somethin' You Got" is another upbeat bouncy jazz tune with the soul touch. Lastly, a remake of Lewis' most famous hit, "The 'In' Crowd" is the last song on this album. This one is much faster than his original 60s hit.

    Ramsey Lewis' "new" trio for this album, he, along with Cleveland Eaton on bass, and Morris Jennings on drums, features a whole new sound, 1970s style. His group is best defined in this album's liner notes:

    "Ramsey Lewis and His Group. New sounds. New qualities. Everything is original. Only the songs are from the recent past. To be remembered. To rejoice anew."

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