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George Harrison
"Gone Troppo"

© Dark Horse/Warner Bros. Year of Release: 1982

track listing
  • Wake Up My Love
  • That's The Way It Goes
  • I Really Love You
  • Greece
  • Gone Troppo
  • Mystical One
  • Unkown Delight
  • Baby Don't Run Away
  • Dream Away
  • Circles

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    George Harrison
    "Gone Troppo"

    With the recent stabbing of ex-Beatle George Harrison, it was really scary of the fact that we could lose another Beatle to tragedy. But doctors say that Harrison is lucky to be alive, thanks to his wife who was able to beat off Harrison's would-be "assassin," or Harrison would most not likely be with us today. This week, we feature an album that doesn't feature any major big hits by Harrison -- his 1982 release Gone Troppo, an album that would be the predecessor to his next album, 1987's Cloud Nine.

    "Wake Up My Love" may not grab your attention as much, but "That's The Way It Goes" has a somewhat tropical sound, almost but not as close to Jimmy Buffett. "I Really Love You" is a nostalgia sound, as it resembles the doo-wop of the 1950s. It's a bouncy and cute number, that gives off a happy feeling, and will want you to play this song over again to enjoy it more.

    "Greece" is an instrumental, and has the unmistakable sound of Harrison's guitar, and also the keyboard arrangement (which was played by Billy Preston, another artist who has worked with The Beatles) resembles the Electric Light Orchestra. (Harrison would later team up with ELO's Jeff Lynne in The Traveling Wilburys). The title track, "Gone Troppo" is my favorite song on this album, as it has a happy tropical sound as heard in Jimmy Buffett songs. This one gets the repeat button every time.

    "Mystical One" and "Dream Away" have the Clapton sound as heard on Clapton's album Backless. "Unknown Delight" is compared to a ballad as heard in another Clapton band, Derek & The Dominos. "Baby Don't Run Away" has a late Sixties Beatles sound, yet it is a plain song as in the album's opener, "Wake Up My Love" Likewise, "Dream Away" and the album's closing number, "Circles" have a plain sound.

    Truly the songs that grabbed the most attention are the title track, and "I Really Love You." Gone Troppo is definitely different than the later albums and projects Harrison would become a part of, from Cloud Nine on. Some songs are tropical in sound, (maybe that's how the title was determined: Tropical). There are some distinct similarties to how Harrison would later sound in years, and how he sounded in the past.

    Some of Harrison's pre-Cloud Nine releases never acclaimed the same success status as the solo releases of Paul McCartney and/or John Lennon. Gone Troppo may not be as truly highly ranked as to other Harrison releases. This album is enjoyable, yet when naming your all-time George Harrison solo albums, Gone Troppo just may not be at the top of that list.

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