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Albert Collins
"Ice Pickin'"

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Year of Release: 1978

track listing
  • Honey Hush
    Woman Blues)
  • When The Welfare
    Turns Its Back
    On You
  • Ice Pick
  • Cold Cold Feeling
  • Too Tired
  • Master Charge
  • Conversation With Collins
  • Avalanche

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    Albert Collins
    "Ice Pickin'"

    Kicking off the new year 2000 is an excellent blues album by Albert Collins; his 1978 release, Ice Pickin', his first release for Alligator Records. It's the classic blues in its own right, as such blues giants as B.B. King and Stevie Ray Vaughan. Like King and Vaughan, Collins was an accomplished guitar player and vocalist, delivering the blues in his own style, as only the blues can provide. I first discovered Albert Collins from a former friend back in the early 1990's; he had Ice Pickin' and Collins' second release on Alligator Records, Frostbite. But unfortuately, soon after I discovered Collins' music, he passed away in 1993, at the age of 61 of cancer.

    "Honey Hush (Talking Woman Blues)" is the typical blues boogie standard, where Collins recites the line "You Talk Too Much." It's a great start for the album, as the next song, "When The Welfare Turns Its Back On You" (a great song title), is the slow 3-chord blues favorite, heard in most Stevie Ray Vaughan songs, and the grit vocals of B.B. King.

    "Ice Pick" returns the hard-driving blues style, "Cold, Cold Feeling" is another slow-driven blues song, as in B.B. King's "The Thrill Is Gone", where the light tapping of the drums, bass-driven, and wailing guitar solos are heard. The standard blues boogie is the sound of "Too Tired", "Master Charge" is a funky blues number, "Conversation With Collins" is another slow blues song, where it's a more of a talking song than that of regular vocals. It is a conversation, Collins just talking with slow blues, featuring bass, guitar and piano. The album closes with "Avalanche," an instrumental 3-chord boogie blues composition.

    An excellent album, Albert Collins' Ice Pickin' defines the best in blues music. So, if you're a huge fan of such artists as B.B. King and Stevie Ray Vaughan, or even the blues of the Allman Brothers, pick up the album by the artist who was considered to have a "cool sound". With an album title such as Ice Pickin', Albert Collins presents the blues in a "cool" fashion.

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