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Mickey & Sylvia
"Love Is Strange"

© Bear Records

Year of Release: 1990

track listing
  • Love Is Strange
  • Rise Sally Rise
  • I'm So Glad
  • Forever And A Day
  • Seems Like
    Just Yesterday
  • Se De Boom Run Dun
  • No Good Lover
  • Peace Of Mind
  • Love Is Strange
    (take 4)
  • Walkin' In The Rain
  • In My Heart
  • Two Shadows
    On Your Window
  • Who Knows Why
  • I'm Going Home
  • There Oughta
    Be A Law
  • Dearest
  • Where Is My Honey
  • Too Much Weight
  • Let's Have A Picnic
  • A New Idea On Love
  • Say The Word
  • Love Will Make You
    Fail In School
  • I Gotta Be Home
    By Ten
  • Love Is A Treasure
  • Loving You Darling
  • I'm Working At
    The Five
    And Dime
    (You're At
    The A&P)
  • Shake It Up
  • Peace Of Mind
  • Two Shadows On
    Your Window
  • Where Is My Honey
  • There'll Be
    No Backin' Out
  • Summertime
  • Rock And Stroll Room
    (take 1)
  • Rock And Stroll Room
    (take 12)
  • It's You I Love
  • True True Love
  • Bewildered (take 2)
  • Bewildered (take 9)
  • Oh Yeah Uh Huh
  • To The Valley
  • Mommy Out De Light
  • Gonna Work Out Fine
  • What Would I Do
  • Sweeter As The
    Day Goes By
  • I'm Glad For Your Sake
  • I Hear You Knockin'
  • Love Lesson
  • This Is My Story
  • Baby You're So Fine (1)
  • Love Is The
    Only Thing
  • No Good Lover
  • Dearest
  • Baby You're So Fine (2)
  • From The Beginning
    Of Time
  • Gypsy
  • Yours
  • Let's Shake Some More
  • From The Beginning
    Of Time
  • Fallin' In Love
  • Baby You're So Fine (3)

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    Mickey & Sylvia
    "Love Is Strange"

    Quick! You've heard the song, but you may not know who the originally recorded "Love Is Strange.". Sure, it's been done by numerous acts, but Mickey & Sylvia were the ones who made the song "Love Is Strange" the most famous. For those who may not remember the name Mickey & Sylvia, the story goes as guitarist Mickey Baker had met singer Sylvia Vanderpool in 1954, and continuing through the year 1965, they would have a considerable amount of recorded material. Bear Records, known famous for box sets of complete songs in a group or performer's career, released Love Is Strange, a 2-disc set, consisting of every song known by Mickey & Sylvia. Sylvia would later become a record producer, and in the 1970s had a few hit records as a solo performer. Mickey would later become an author of guitar-teaching instruction books.

    All their main hit records are here and more, but their other popular songs such as "There Oughta Be A Law," a "Love Is Strange" "copycat" song in sound, and "Baby You're So Fine" may not be as remembered as "Love Is Strange;" the basic ingredients in the type of music heard on this 60-track set, is early 1950s/1960s Rhythm & Blues music. It could also be classified as Adult Contemporary, like songs such as "Forever And A Day," "Seems Like Just Yesterday." and "Peace Of Mind." There's even a latin-flavor (mambo) sound in songs such as "Se De Boom Run Dun," and "Too Much Weight". Pure R&B is heard in "Walkin' In The Rain," and "In My Heart." The basic rock and roll sound is heard on "No Good Lover," and a rockin' instrumental, "Shake It Up"; both of these "basic rock" songs are in the style somewhat to Chuck Berry's.

    What makes this set complete for me, is that I used to have the 45 rpm record of "Love Is Strange." The B-side, "I'm Going Home," is included in this set. There are some alternate takes on certain songs, such as "Love Is Strange" (take 4) (which is no difference, other than a different guitar solo here and there). There are other songs with the familiar guitar licks of "Love Is Strange" heard in certain songs throughout. Most of the songs on the second disc features R&B songs, mostly in the style of Brook Benton.

    But the basic sound is Rhythm & Blues Rock & Roll; to some the Oldies sound, and lastly, Adult Contemporary. This was the beginning years of Rock & Roll, and even though "Love Is Strange" will bring back memories to some, new memories will be generated in hearing the rest of their collection, and admiring these songs, likewise admiring the guitar playing of Mickey Baker, an unsung hero.

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