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Mario Lanza
"The Mario Lanza Collection"

© RCA Victor Records
< Year of Release: 199

track listing
  • Be My Love
  • I'll Never Love You
  • Because You're Mine
  • The Song Angels Sing
  • Drink Drink Drink
  • Serenade
  • The Loveliest Night
    Of The Year
  • La donna é mobile
  • Because
  • For You Alone
  • Golden Days
  • Deep In My Heart Dear
  • If I Loved You
  • Yours Is My Heart
  • One Night Of Love
  • Beloved
  • Beautiful Love
  • With A Song
    In My Heart
  • You Are My Love
  • Call Me Fool
  • All The Things
    You Are
  • My Song My Love
  • Love Is The
    Sweetest Thing
  • Will You Remember
  • Granada
  • Lolita
  • Serenade
  • Temptation
  • Lygia
  • Lady Of Spain
  • This Land
  • Lee-Ah-Loo
  • Tina-Lina
  • Boom Biddy
    Boom Boom
  • The Bayou Lullaby
  • The Lord's Prayer
  • And Here You Are
  • Song Of Songs
  • Somewhere A Voice
    Is Calling
  • I Never Knew
  • Ciribiribin
  • Wonder Why
  • Come Dance With Me
  • O sole mio
  • Younger Than
  • For The First Time
  • Never Till Now
  • Arrivederci Roma
  • If You Were Mine
  • Behold
  • A Night To Remember
  • Love In A Home
  • Do You Wonder
  • Softly As In A
    Morning Sunrise
  • One Alone
  • Aida: Celeste Aida
  • Carmen: Flower Song
  • La Traviata: Brindisi
  • Rigoletto:
    Questa o quella
  • Pagliacci:
    Vesti la giubba
  • Cavalleria Rusticana:
    Addio alla madre

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    Mario Lanza
    "The Mario Lanza Collection"

    Before there was Luciano Pavoratti and The Three Tenors, there was only one person who truly defined the pure opera tenor: Mario Lanza. And truthfully, Lanza still is the ultimate best opera

    As a child, I was given a 45 rpm record featuring two of Lanza's most memorable songs. The A-side was "Drink, Drink, Drink" and the flip side was a very emotional song, a personal favorite of mine, "Serenade." Both of these songs are here on a three-disc set, The Mario Lanza Collection, a set that captures the heart and soul of Lanza's career.

    The bottom line of this CD, is that it is ultimately spectacular. Even if you are not a fan of opera, we all know that this kind of music exists, and for a break away from the common "rock and roll" styles that exists from the past and present, Mario Lanza's music is relaxing, enjoyable, and most of all, classic.

    The first 12 songs on disc one contains the Legendary Hits; the songs most memorable of Lanza's glorious career. Covering the years 1950-1953, it features his #1 hit, "Be My Love," "Drink, Drink, Drink," "Serenade," "The Loveliest Night Of The Year." and "La donna é mobile".

    Tracks 13-20 on disc one and tracks 1-4 on disc two (1952-1956) is from the section titled "You Are My Love;" these songs were an assortment of Coca-Cola radio broadcast material and Hollywood studio records, taken primarily from LPs, and features another reconstituted single that sold well from 1953 on Call Me/You Are My Love. Songs from various movies such as Carousel, The Land of Smiles, One Night of Love, The Student Prince, Spring Is Here, Very Warm for May, Say It with Music, and Maytime are featured in this section.

    Tracks 5-16 on disc two (1949-1956) are titled as "Lanza Erotica," displaying more of Lanza's unique talent:
    Lanza's international famed rested largely, and appropriately, on his recordings of Spanish, Metropolitan ander other ethnic light classics. Many of these had languished in the concert repertoire before the young tenor breathed new life into them. Songs such as "Granada" are today among his most sought after reissues. "Granada" and "Lolita," an Enrico Caruso favorite, are revived here in their original 78-/45-rpm coupling, as are "Temptation" and "Lygia."
    taken from the liner notes of The Mario Lanza Collection.

    The remaining four songs on disc two are Coca-Cola Rarities and From Italy With Love, featuring previously unreleased numbers from The Mario Lanza (TV) Show and the CBS television show, Song of Songs.

    From Italy With Love continues, with the first eight songs on disc three, which includes any opera singer's favorite, "O Sole Mio" and another popular favorite, "Younger Than Springtime". Finishing the remaining disc, tracks 9-21 features "A Choice of Opera and Encores, By Request." The pure Italy sound is heard in "Arrivederci, Roma." Pure romanticism is heard in songs as "A Night To Remember" and "Love In A Home". And, another opera favorite, the eerie "Vesti la giubba" is one song no "best-of" opera set can be without.

    Every song on The Mario Lanza Collection are treasures. Being a 3-Disc set, it is hard to review each song, only to say that each and every one are classics. Mario Lanza lived a short life, he was only 38 years old when he passed away in 1959 of a blood clot to his heart. As the story goes, Lanza was huge in appearance, from early childhood to adulthood, and with excessive overeating and drinking in his last years caused him an untimely early death.

    Of all the well-known and popular opera stars, there is no one that compares to Mario Lanza. His unique voice has always been an influence to many opera performers would would appear after him. The Mario Lanza Collection defines this, as a getaway from the common sound of today's popular music, likewise the popular rock and roll music of the past.

    Classical music and/or opera has always been a clean break away from the common sound in today's popular music. Take an adventure and hear how music started over 50 plus years ago. Classical and Opera are still popular sources of music today, it's a shame we don't hear enough of it, as compared to today's common sound.

    Mario Lanza -- An adventure in opera; his voice you will never forget.

    © All rights reserved. Review or any portion may not be reproduced without written permission. Cover art is the intellectual property of RCA Victor Records and is used for reference purposes only.

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