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Ted Nugent
"Spirit Of The Wild"

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Year of Release: 1995

track listing
  • Thighraceous
  • Wrong Side Of Town
  • I Shoot Back
  • Tooth Fang And Claw
  • Lovejacker
  • Fred Bear
  • Primitive Man
  • Hot Or Cold
  • Kiss My Ass
  • Heart And Soul
  • Spirit Of The Wild
  • Just Do It Like This

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    Ted Nugent
    "Spirit Of The Wild"

    Ted Nugent's 1995 release, Spirit Of The Wild saw the return of Nugent and his original lead singer, Derek St. Holmes. Holmes had been the core in the most popular songs recorded in Nugent's early career, but due to personal conflicts and egos, Holmes quit, while Nugent would take over the vocals himself on albums released afterwards. The differences were patched up, Nugent having recorded on a new label, and recruiting new members for his band with Derek St. Holmes, the Spirit Of The World album is a Sammy Hagar-styled album, and like any other Nugent album, it rocks.

    "Thighraceous" and "Wrong Side Of Town" definitely can be compared to the likes of Sammy Hagar and Kiss. "I Shoot Back" is an obvious rocker, displaying the common 1980s/early 1990s metal sound. One part that was unique is how they blended this song with James Brown's "I Got The Feeling".

    "Tooth Fang And Claw" starts out as a ballad, yet it turns into another hard rock/metal tune. "Lovejacker" is a rock song, yet it combines a somewhat soul sound, as heard in the music of Thin Lizzy. Nugent proves his love for the outside wild on "Fred Bear", as he sings how he's glad to be back where he belongs -- in the wild, hunting, and enjoying the great outdoors.

    As many of hard rock styled songs in Nugent's early career, "Primitive Man" is another common one, as this song could be compared to the early Bad Company. "Hot Or Cold" is another good rocker, as it compares to the group Great White ("Once Bitten Twice Shy")

    Truly the outspoken Nugent is at is best in his classic, "Kiss My Ass", a song where Nugent sings of his personal observings, like animal rights, sexual choice, and if anyone doesn't like his views, they can all "Kiss My Ass." "Heart And Soul" and "Spirit Of The Wild" have a pop meets rock sound, as in songs by Survivor and Night Ranger. The album closes with another Nugent rocker, "Just Do It Like This", a song that takes you back to the common Nugent sound: It rocks, and it kicks ass.

    Spirit Of The Wild is just that -- an album that rocks in the way that only Nugent and Company could do, and of course, it kicks ass, just as any other Nugent album. If you enjoy Nugent's Cat Scratch Fever, you'll equally enjoy Spirit Of The Wild. Nugent may not attract the biggest audiences, likewise play the most famous arenas anymore like he used to, but he still proves throughout the years one thing, that he can still record, perform, and kick ass all in the process.

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