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Joe Walsh
"There Goes The Neighborhood"

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Year of Release: 1981

track listing
  • Things
  • Made Your Mind Up
  • Down On The Farm
  • Rivers (Of The
    Hidden Funk)
  • A Life Of Illusion
  • Bones
  • Rockets
  • You Never Know

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    Joe Walsh
    "There Goes The Neighborhood"

    It seems that Joe Walsh is a popular guy here on the Website. Within the past year, we have not one, but two of his former band's albums reviewed -- The James Gang -- Rides Again and Live In Concert. Now, his 1981 solo release, There Goes The Neighborhood gets the nod of approval for review this week.

    Having a simple rock beat, "Things" starts out the album, and though it it doesn't grab your attention, "Made Your Mind Up" picks up the rock beat a bit faster.

    Is it country or blues? Whatever your answer is, "Down On The Farm" most definitely has the Joe Walsh sound, having the common instruments heard in hillbilly country, yet it has an almost blues sound. "Rivers (Of The Hidden Funk)" does have a funky beat, and again, it's all Joe Walsh.

    The most popular track on this album is "A Life Of Illusion," a song that I could never get tired of. Back in 1981, this was always being played on FM radio, and I've always enjoyed this song, even to this day (19 years later).

    "Bones" has the progressive rock/blues beat, as heard from The James Gang days. And speaking of former bands, "Rockets" is a very nice, peaceful ballad, that could of easily have been recorded by Walsh's former band, The Eagles. The album closes with a real cool, blues/funk rock number, "You Never Know."

    With a title such as There Goes The Neighborhood, you would think this album would be all-out "crazy" rock -- like hard rock, gritted tunes. This is not the case. This album is in one word -- simple. It features simple sounding rock tunes. Yet the distinctive voice of Joe Walsh is there, this album is quite enjoyable.

    With the "popularity" of Joe Walsh here on this website, it would be quite obvious in the upcoming weeks if The Eagles will be chosen as our Album Pick of the Week, making the Joe Walsh history complete.

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