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Spin Doctors
"Turn It Upside Down"

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Year of Release: 1994

track listing
  • Big Fat Funky Booty
  • You Let Your Heart
    Go Too Fast
  • Cleopatra's Cat
  • Hungry Hamed's
  • Biscuit Head
  • Indifference
  • Bags Of Dirt
  • Mary Jane
  • More Than Meets
    The Ear
  • Laraby's Gang
  • Someday All This
    Will Be Road
  • Beasts In The Woods

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    Joe Walsh--There Goes The Neighborhood
    Spin Doctors
    "Turn It Upside Down"

    Chris Barron and company, known as the Spin Doctors had their popularity soaring with their Pocket Full of Kryptonite album. They released their second album in 1994, entitled Turn It Upside Down. This album was reviewed as a disappointment for the band, and I can somewhat agree that the songs on this album doesn't have as much attention-grabbers to really rant-and-rave about.

    "Big Fat Funky Booty" truly has a funky rock beat, and it also reminds me of a band that would later surface in the 1990s, the Dave Matthews Band's "Ants Marching." "You Let Your Heart Go Too Fast" has the common head bouncing rock beat, as heard on their debut full-length album, Pocket Full of Kryptonite.

    "Cleopatra's Cat" starts out with only the vocals of Chris Barron, as it then kicks into a rock/blues beat, as heard in such groups as Savoy Brown, and The Dave Matthews Band. "Hungry Hamed's" has a more harder-edged rock sound as previous songs heard so far on this album. Like "Big Fat Funky Booty," "Biscuit Head" has a funky rock beat. "Indifference" slows down the pace just a bit, with its soulful rock beat.

    "Bags Of Dirt" seems to lose interest, yet "Mary Jane" has a more pop beat, and does generate some interest. (At this time in listening to this album, it seems that the songs are sounding the same, drifting away the listener.)

    "More Than Meets The Ear" is an unlikely title for a song that is boring to the ear. "Laraby's Gang" has a gentler pop sound, "At This Hour" is similar to "You Let Your Heart Go Too Fast," likewise "Someday This Will All Be Road," and "Beasts In The Woods."

    As admittingly to say, a lot of the songs on Turn It Upside Down seem to sound alike. If you're familiar with the song "Big Fat Funky Booty," then you'll know that this album sounds like this song on almost every song. Sure, it has the beat of their most famous hit from Pocket Full Of Kryptonite, "Little Miss Can't Be Wrong," but there has to be other songs to provide in order to grab the listeners ears to enjoy an album more. Turn It Upside Down has its moments, but when it's all over, it seems there should of been more of a variety of a sound, other than repeatedly seeing the same common rock sound the Spin Doctors provided.

    The music in general is fair, yet I can see why this album was a disappointment. By the way, whatever became of the Spin Doctors?

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    Joe Walsh--There Goes The Neighborhood