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Fleetwood Mac

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Year of Release: 1979

track listing
  • Over And Over
  • The Ledge
  • Think About Me
  • Save Me A Place
  • Sara
  • What Makes You Think
    You're The One
  • Storms
  • That's All For Everyone
  • Not That Funny
  • Sisters Of The Moon
  • Angel
  • That's Enough For Me
  • Brown Eyes
  • Never Make Me Cry
  • I Know I'm Not Wrong
  • Honey Hi
  • Beautiful Child
  • Walk A Thin Line
  • Tusk
  • Never Forget

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    Fleetwood Mac

    Has it been THAT long since 1979, where the not-so-famous album, Tusk by Fleetwood Mac, was released? I've heard all the hoopla that this album was their worst -- let's see if that is true, through the eyes and (most importantly) the ears of

    Opening the album is "Over And Over", a song that is smooth and pleasant, and how can anyone not like the soft vocals of Christine McVie? It's a good song, and a good one to start out an album. "The Ledge" -- hmmm, not your common heard sound of Fleetwood Mac, it's a song that would not get the repeat button activated. (Maybe this is the start of why many say this album is not-so-famous?)

    "Think About Me" -- what's wrong with this one? It's another song that is medium-tempo, and gets your head boppin' to the beat, from side-to-side. Uh-oh, it seems that every other song is not-so-good; "Save Me A Place" is not worth saving, this one kind of threw me off guard, especially the vocals. The harmonies are not that bad, but again, this is another song that is not in a style that is heard commonly by Fleetwood Mac.

    No complaint on the next tune -- "Sarah", a song often heard on the radio, featuring the raspy vocals of Stevie Nicks. This one is a very good song, featuring a sound that is so common of Fleetwood Mac: pleasant, medium-tempo pop rock. "What Makes You Think You're The One" is ok, yet it could of been a heck of a lot better. (I think we're seeing a pattern here -- every other song ==> not-so-good...)

    One of the best styles of music are the soft ballads, featuring Stevie Nick's raspy voice. "Storms" proves this, it is a very nice song, in both sound and vocals. "That's All For Everyone" could pass as a good song, but you'd probably have to hear it a couple more times to say that it is a good song. However, our pattern doesn't exist with "Not That Funny" -- it's not a funny song, it's bad, and it's not a song that would not fit with the rest of the "good" songs that are every other song, beginning with songs 1, 3, 5, and 7.

    "Sisters Of The Moon" is mysterious, and more hard rocking than the previous songs on this album. We can add this one to the "good songs" list. (Surprisingly, this song is track number 10. Hmmm, 10 songs have been reviewed, and only half of those are considered "good"... Ten more to go...)

    Add this one to the "good songs" list -- "Angel" is a good, upbeat rock number, featuring the vocals of Stevie Nicks. With a title like "That's Enough For Me," most people would say I've Heard Enough. Yes, we CANNOT add this one to the good list. Some of the bad songs have the sound of a somewhat hillbilly-country sound, which quite frankly, does not fit the Fleetwood Mac style.

    "Brown Eyes" is soulful, and yes, we CAN add this one as a good song. "Never Make Me Cry" is a beautiful ballad, that features the great vocals of Christine McVie. (Wow, that's two in a row, we can say as good!)

    Here comes that unfamiliar sound again -- "I Know I'm Not Wrong" -- A song to add to the good list? Wrong! "Honey Hi" brings back Christine McVie on vocals. This song has some very nice harmonies, and yes, it is a very nice song. Add this one to the good list...

    Once again, the soft ballads featuring Stevie Nicks returns with "Beautiful Child." And, I don't think I've heard a bad song in this style. Yes, add this one to the good list too...

    "Walk A Thin Line" has a good title, because this song is on a thin line in debating on whether we can add this one to our good list of songs. This song is fair, it's not real bad, yet, it is a little better-than-average. (This one is a draw...)

    "Tusk" -- I HATE THIS SONG -- enough said...

    The album's closing song, "Never Forget" we can add to the good list. It's another good medium-tempo song, featuring Christine McVie, as heard in McVie's solo album, titled Christine McVie, released in 1984.

    I can honestly say that this album is NOT one of Fleetwood Mac's best. The "bad list" contains songs that the average-to-avid Fleetwood Mac fan will NOT stomach. And I think these songs are the ones that stand out as saying "God, I can't believe they would put these songs on an album." Yet, the good songs I've chosen from this album are those that the Fleetwood Mac fan will enjoy. Of course, some are not as outstanding as songs from Rumours, but taking the good list of songs, and just focus on those, Tusk may not have received the bad reviews that it did from many critics.

    In reality, this album is not bad, where it should receive a zero rating of stars; there are songs on this album that are listenable to, and of course, there are songs you'll definitely want to forget. Most famous rock acts have their share of outstanding albums, where every album released is just that. (The Beatles come to mind...) And then there's famous rock acts who have outstanding albums, and also a share of not-so-outstanding albums (The Rolling Stones definitely comes to mind...).

    So we add Fleetwood Mac to the latter category, of outstanding and not-so-outstanding albums. Tusk is such an album. And if you happen to have this album, go ahead and set your programming of songs to the following, and then assume this album just contains these songs. Your original review (SUCKS!) just may change.

    Track NumberSong Title
    1Over And Over
    3Think About Me
    10Over And Over
    13Brown Eyes
    14Never Make Me Cry
    16Honey Hi
    17Beautiful Child
    18Walk A Thin Line
    (this one was a draw...)
    20Never Forget

    Of the 20 songs on this album, 12 songs are "good" contenders, that's not bad...

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