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Til Tuesday
"Voices Carry"

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Year of Release: 1985

track listing
  • Love In A Vacuum
  • Looking Over
    My Shoulder
  • I Could Get
    Used To This
  • No More Crying
  • Voices Carry
  • Winning The War
  • You Know The Rest
  • Maybe Monday
  • Are You Serious
  • Don't Watch Me Bleed
  • Sleep

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    Til Tuesday
    "Voices Carry"

    Once again, the 1980s dance/pop music continues with a group by the name of Til Tuesday, featuring lead vocalist Aimee Mann. From my recent knowledge, Aimee Mann is now accomplishing a very successful solo career, since the group broke up after 1988. The album that features Til Tuesday's biggest hit, "Voices Carry", was not only their biggest hit, but the title track of their 1985 album.

    Songs such as "Love In A Vacuum" and "I Could Get Used To This" have the pop/new wave/dance/rock sound of the 1980s. Likewise, "No More Crying" has the sound of another band of the 1980s, The Call.

    "Looking Over My Shoulder" is a bit slower than the usual dance sound heard on this album, yet it is moving and can be compared to a slow ballad version of a song by the early Blondie.

    And how can we describe Til Tuesday's biggest hit of their career? "Voices Carry" features not only the common dance/rock sound of the mid-1980s, but one instrument that dominated this kind of music: the synthesizer. Probably the most moving and spiritual song on this album, "Voices Carry" grabs your attention, being a song about lost love. (Actually, this song was written about Aimee Mann's breakup with drummer Michael Hausman.)

    However, "Winning The War" is another great potentional song, with its music background (the guitars are just great), compared to yet another '80s band, The Fixx.

    "You Know The Rest" is more of a pop ballad, like a power ballad by Heart. And like most dance numbers on this album, "Maybe Monday" is another candidate in this area of music. "Are You Serious" is more of a rock number, yet it is a dancable tune.

    "Don't Watch Me Bleed" is an almost-copycat version of "Voices Carry," with its familiar bass line. The album's closing song, "Sleep," is another ballad, where the album as a whole has an even mixture of upbeat dance and ballad compositions.

    Til Tuesday's Voices Carry has all the ingredients of the common sound of the mid-1980s: synthesized rock, new wave rock, ballads, and let us not forget the 1980s look (I think the hair had something to do with that, the album cover says it all). The fan favorite of 1980s dance-pop-rock will enjoy this album, and even if you don't remember the song "Voices Carry," once you hear the opening notes, and especially the synthesizer keyboards, I'm sure your memory will trigger a flashback, as this song should easily be remembered. The album as a whole is good, as it defines a common sound of the mid-1980s.

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