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"After The Rain"

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Year of Release: 1990

track listing
  • (Can't Live Without
    Your) Love And
  • I Can Hardly Wait
  • After The Rain
  • Tracy's Song/
    Only Time Will Tell
  • More Than Ever
  • (It's Just) Desire
  • Fill You Up
  • Interlude/
    Everywhere I Go
  • Bits And Pieces
  • Will You Love Me

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    "After The Rain"

    Twin brothers Gunnar and Matthew Nelson had a famous musician father, Ricky Nelson, who, tragically, died in a a plane crash on New Year's Eve, 1985. Like their father, the twins would have a #1 song "(Can't Live Without Your) Love And Affection". (Ricky Nelson had two #1 songs in his career; "Poor Little Fool" and "Travellin' Man"). Nelson's 1990 release, After The Fire, captures them being a band with a sound similar to the typical 1980s pop/hard rock hair bands, especially Bon Jovi. (And yes, the twin brothers definitely had the hair...)

    Kicking off their album is the #1 song, (Can't Live Without Your) Love And Affection, a real good rock song that received heavy radio airplay. "I Can Hardly Wait" captures the band having a sound similar to Bon Jovi and/or a medium-rocking Kiss song. The title track of this album is another great rock song, that also received heavy radio airplay.

    "Tracy's Song" (named for their older actress singer), is a medium-type ballad, with an accoustic guitar intro, as it blends into the next song, "Only Time Will Tell," a ballad that definitely has the comparison of Bon Jovi. Another song that received some radio airplay, "More Than Ever," is another Bon Jovi-type rocker.

    "(It's Just) Desire" and "Fill You Up" are songs having a much more hard-rocking sound. "Interlude" is a piano/classical instrumental, which blends into another tune, "Everywhere I Go," which is a bit moody in sound, yet it's another rocker.

    "Bits And Pieces" is another typical rocker as heard in previous songs on this album, and the album's closing song, "Will You Love Me" is another hard rocker, as it closes out an excellent, fine album.

    And that best describes Nelson's After The Rain: It's an excellent album, for the hard-rock fan, especially for the fans of Bon Jovi. It has a 1980s hair rock sound, and all of the members of Nelson have the hair. And forgive me, but I can't help notice the resemblance of the Nelson twins. Don't they kinda resemble the actress (Kendall, formerly of All My Children and) Buffy The Vampire Slayer? (Sarah Michelle Gellar) By the way, the twins do have an older sister, Tracy, who appeared on the TV series with Tom Bosley, Father Dowling Mysteries. But for your information, Sarah is not their sister, but she could sure pass that test as being one.

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