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Aldo Nova
"Aldo Nova"

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Year of Release: 1982

track listing
  • Fantasy
  • Hot Love
  • It's Too Late
  • Ball And Chain
  • Heart To Heart
  • Foolin' Yourself
  • Under The Gun
  • You're My Love
  • Can't Stop Lovin' You
  • See The Light

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    Aldo Nova
    "Aldo Nova"

    Guitarist Aldo Nova and his band's music can best be defined as hard rock, and/or even heavy metal 1980s rock. His 1982 self-titled album truly defines 1980s hard rock at its best.

    Featuring "Fantasy", the most well-known song on this album, it has great guitars and keyboards, and could be compared to the 1980s rock sound of the Jefferson Starship, likewise having hard rock guitar solos as heard in the Starship, Michael Schenker, and Triumph. This song absolutely deserves repeated play.

    The guitars are truly fantastic in "Hot Love". Hard rock fans will simply go ape over this one. "It's Too Late" has a definite pop/hard rock sound. And like any hard rock group's albums, there has to be a mellow song or two: "Ball And Chain" is a ballad, like in any typical hard rock act, that makes the move towards recording a softer rock song, in any hard rock act fashion. (Monster Ballads TV album comes to mind here...) "Heart To Heart" returns the hard rock 1980s sound, and it has some lightning speed guitar solos, by Aldo Nova.

    "Foolin' Yourself" is a medium-tempo'd song, yet it fits the hard rock style. It starts out with some nice harmonies, then kicks in the hard rock sound. "Under The Gun" is a definite hard rocker, where any true hard rock fan will enjoy. "You're The One" is more pop rock than hard rock. Monster Ballads best describes "Can't Stop Lovin' You," and the pop/hard rock sound returns with the album's closing song, "See The Light."

    Fans of such bands as the Jefferson Starship, Triumph, or hard rock in general will enjoy the guitar-driven band headed by guitarist Aldo Nova. Nova may not be a household name, but he could be an inspiration to many local as well as popular bands of the past, present and future.

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