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Al Green
"Gets Next To You"

© The Right Stuff/Hi Records Year of Release: 1971

track listing
  • I Can't Get Next To You
  • Are You Lonely
    For Me Baby
  • God Is Standing By
  • Tired Of Being Alone
  • I'm A Ram
  • Driving Wheel
  • Light My Fire
  • You Say It
  • Right Now Right Now
  • All Because

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    Al Green
    "Gets Next To You"

    True deep down soul best describes the genius of Al Green. His soul and gospel-inspired soul has been admired, and when Mr. Green became a minister in 1976, his early work of the 1970s has been treasured as soul sensation. His 1971 release, Gets Next To You, defines soul (and Memphis Soul) at its best.

    Two well-known songs are featured here: The Temptations version of "Can't Get Next To You" has a different style than The Tempts, where it has a more rock approach, and in fact, Savoy Brown would have their own version of Al Green's remake. (Both songs are great, as I sometimes take both Green's version and Savoy Brown's, and mixes them together on my radio show.) "Tired Of Being Alone" is a great pure-soul tune, never losing its flavor.

    "Are You Lonely For Me Baby" defines the typical head-bouncing soul, "God Is Standing By" shows the gospel soul, with a cool groove. "I'm A Ram" is funky, with a slow, gyrating head-bounce, as it once again, defines true soul in the style of such greats as Otis Redding and James Brown. Stevie Wonder-inspired soul is compared to "Driving Wheel," another great soul-groovin' number.

    The remake of The Doors' "Light My Fire" is very different than the original: It's definitely groovy, slower, and soulful. This one should easily get the repeat button on the CD player. Stevie Wonder/James Brown funk is best compared to "You Say It," a cool, funky, groovin' tune. "Right Now, Right Now" is another groovy funky number, best describing the fact that Al Green can truly identify true soul music. The album's closing number, "All Because" also is funky, with some cool funky keyboards.

    Al Green's Gets Next To You defines true soul and funk. Al Green's music has been inspired by many artists who came after him. If you're a fan of soul music, any of Al Green's releases will truly be enjoyable. It gets your head boppin' and even his true soul ballads are incredible. Soul -- Al Green -- a man who knows how to "preach" true soul music.

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