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"Good Morning Vietnam"

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Year of Release: 1988

track listing
  • Adrian Cronauer
  • Nowhere To Run--
    Martha Reeves &
    The Vandellas
  • I Get Around--
    Beach Boys
  • Game Of Love--
    Wayne Fontana &
    The Mindbenders
  • Adrian Cronauer
  • Sugar And Spice--
    The Searchers
  • Adrian Cronauer
  • Liar Liar--
    The Castaways
  • The Warmth Of
    The Sun--
    Beach Boys
  • Adrian Cronauer
  • I Got You (I Feel Good)--
    James Brown
  • Adrian Cronauer
  • Baby Please Don't Go--
  • Adrian Cronauer
  • Danger Heartbreak
    Dead Ahead--
    The Marvelettes
  • Five O'Clock World--
    The Vogues
  • California Sun--
    The Rivieras
  • Adrian Cronauer
  • What A
    Wonderful World--
    Louis Armstrong

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    "Good Morning Vietnam"

    Radio Broadcasting is essential for me... So when it comes to movies incorporating radio, or better yet, movies with disc-jockeys, these kinds of movies always spark an interest. Talk Radio comes to mind, telling the almost autobiography of controverial radio personality Allen Berg from Denver, Colorado. This week's review is another movie, Good Morning Vietnam, starring Robin Williams. An excellent soundtrack, it features some classic songs from the 1960s, plus additional material from Robin Williams as real-life radio personality Adrian Cronauer, as the movie is set during the Vietnam war.

    I first discovered this soundtrack from my oldest nephew, (I hadn't seen the movie at the time, yet the role of DJ by Williams had interested me.) What fascinated me about this soundtrack was the fact that it featured 1-2 minute sound bites of Williams' zany dialog from the movie, such as numerous "characters" and imitations of well-known celebrities. And we all know how zany they can be, which is what Robin Williams is famous for. (FYI: all of these hilarious sound bites were totally ad-libbed from the movie, according to sources...)

    The album starts out with the famous Robin Williams line, "Good Morrrrrning Vietnam!!!" Robin Williams is famous with imitating zany characters as he does this, telling in a humourous way how terrible the Vietnam war is/was, as he leads into the first song by Martha Reeves & The Vandellas, "Nowhere To Run," followed by the Beach Boys' "I Get Around," and Wayne Fontana & The Mindbender's "Game Of Love."

    Williams/Cronauer's next character is from an imaginary phone call, as his character requests any song that is LOUD!!! "Sugar And Spice" by The Searchers follows. Next set of WIlliams' characters deal with Gomer Pyle, (as well as others) and a "traffic report" with the common sound effects of a helicopter, where Williams taps his chest. "Liar Liar" by The Castaways is played afterwards, and the Beach Boys' "The Warmth Of The Sun."

    Williams' next character is a fashion designer, followed by James Brown's "I Got You (I Feel Good). An imitation of bandleader Lawrence Welk is next, followed by a band featuring a young Van Morrison -- Them's "Baby Please Don't Go."

    Breaking the sound barrier (his voice cracks) as we hear another "Good Morrrrrning Vietnam!!!", then a comparison chat between Richard Nixon and Mr. Ed. The next song may not be as remembered, yet its another good song from Motown: The Marvelettes' "Danger Heartbreak Dead Ahead," followed by The Vogues' "Five O'Clock World," and The Rivieras' "California Sun."

    The last Williams/Cronouer segment features more imitations, such as Walter Cronkite, and is followed by a song that became more famous, thanks to this movie, as when it first came out in 1967: "What A Wonderful World," by Louis Armstrong. (What made an interesting scene in the movie was when we watched the war, and how it was terrible in sight, and the background music we heard was this song.)

    Despite how graphical the Vietnam war was, and how it effected many people's lives who were a part of it, Adrian Cronauer brought some humor to the fact that the war was terrible; Williams' protrayal of Cronauer was to shed light on the fact of the terrible outcomes of the war. In the movie, Cronauer always stated the fact the war was terrible, and despite this irritable topic, the movie was excellent. As for the soundtrack, it's the zany imitations and sound bites from the movie that makes it so great, as well as the classic songs.

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