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Lee Greenwood
"Greatest Hits-Volume Two"

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Year of Release: 1988

track listing
  • I Don't Mind The Thorns
    (When You're
    The Rose)
  • Don't Underestimate
    My Love For You
  • Hearts Aren't Made
    To Break
    (They're Made
    To Love)
  • Didn't We
  • Mornin' Ride
  • Someone
  • If There's Any Justice
  • Touch And Go Crazy
  • I Still Believe
  • You Can't Fall In Love
    When You're Cryin'
  • God Bless The USA

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    Wham!--Music From The Edge Of Heaven
    Lee Greenwood
    "Greatest Hits-Volume Two"

    Greatest Hits - Volume Two is the continuing volume of country star Lee Greenwood's career. His style of country is mostly soft-country, and who hasn't heard of his most famous hit, God Bless The USA? (which is on both Volume One and Volume Two). Lee Greenwood's music is enjoyable, and easy on the ears.

    Volume Two features Greenwood's remaining #1 Country songs (four to be exact). The first, "I Don't Mind The Thorns (When You're The Rose)" is soft in sound, as heard in God Bless The USA. Likewise the second #1, "Don't Underestimate My Love For You" is another beautiful easy-sounding country song, which could easily fit the Adult Contemporary format. And I can't help but compare to this song to the style of one AC artist, Michael Bolton.

    The 3rd #1 song, "Hearts Aren't Made To Break (They're Made To Love)" has some wonderful harmonies, and easily fits the soft-country sound, rather than Adult Contemporary. Like "Don't Underestimate My Love For You," this song is another beautiful ballad.

    The 4th #1 song is definitely country: "Mornin' Ride" can easily be compared to the soft-country sound of Alabama. "Someone" asks the question: Is it Country or is it Adult Contemporary? Again, like many songs on this compilation, Lee Greenwood's music is very relaxed, and comfortable on the ears.

    "If There's Any Justice" has the ultimate country lyrics, dealing where one person finds his/her love in the arms of another. This song easily fits the country mold much better than Adult Contemporary. "Touch And Go Crazy" has a pop-country sound, a sound different than many of the songs heard earlier on this album. "I Still Believe" has a more Christian music sound than any other musical style.

    If you like "God Bless The USA," then you'll enjoy "You Can't Fall In Love When You're Cryin'" It has the sound similar to "God Bless The USA," and easily fits the country setting of "lovin' and cryin'" songs. And the album closes with the most famous Lee Greenwood song of all, "God Bless The USA," which really is truly an all-American patriotic song for all occasions.

    Lee Greenwood's Greatest Hits - Volume Two is a cross between soft-country and Adult Contemporary music. For any fan of these types of music, Greenwood's music is very relaxing, very comfortable, and very easy to enjoy.

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    Wham!--Music From The Edge Of Heaven