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© RoadRunner/Bronze Record Year of Release: 1979

track listing
  • Overkill
  • Stay Clean
  • (I Won't) Pay Your Price
  • I'll Be Your Sister
  • Capricorn
  • No Class
  • Damage Case
  • Tear Ya Down
  • Metropolis
  • Limb From Limb
  • Too Late Too Late
  • Tear Ya Down
    (original version)
  • Louie Louie

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    Overkill may define the title of this album, as it truly states the music of Lemmy Kilmister and Motörhead. Thrash metal at its core best, Lemmy and crew have always delivered their music style with a wake-up attitude, and if none of these songs on this album wakes up your attention, perhaps nothing else will.

    WOW! sums up the word for the opening's title track. Wild drumming and guitar strumming catches the attention of anyone, whether they appreciate hardcore heavy thrash metal. "Stay Clean" has the definite hard rocking fan bouncing, likewise "(I Won't) Pay Your Price."

    "I'll Be Your Sister" has the rock sound as heard by Iggy Pop and/or The Stooges. And, like the other tunes before this one, it simply ROCKS. "Capricorn" is a bit more mysterious, in its hard rocking fashion. "No Class" resembles ZZ Top's "Tush" with its opening guitar riffs, and like "Tush", it also rocks. And, if you enjoy ZZ Top's music, "Metropolis" could easily fit the ZZ Top style, vocals included.

    "Damage Case" has a more punk hard rock feel, as many other tunes on this release can easily fit the punk rock/hard rock styles -- which can easily be said about "Tear Ya Down"; it's a hard rocker, yet it could easily be a song classified as punk rock. (The bonus track of this same song is included, and is considered the original version, and the only difference is that this version is an instrumental.) Hard rocking as Jimi Hendrix and many other hard rock bands of the Seventies (Ted Nugent, early Aerosmith) best describes "Limb From Limb."

    Bonus Tracks:
    1. "Too Late Too Late" combines the hard rock/punk rock styles,
    2. the (original) instrumental of "Tear Ya Down",
    3. and a very interesting remake of The Kingsmen "Louie Louie", as it has the common rock bounce beat of The Kingsmen, with a touch of hard rock, Motörhead style.

    Motörhead's Overkill is for the not-so-sensitive ears. As described in the ROLLING STONE Encylcopedia of Rock & Roll, "Known to produce no less than 126 decibels in its live shows, England's Motörhead is easily one of the world's loudest rock & roll bands." Loud is definitely the key word in describing Motörhead's music. Loud in music, loud in vocals (Lemmy Kilmister's vocals are truly unique in sound.) For the loud, hard rock fan and punk fan alike, Motörhead is meant to be heard as in their concerts: LOUD, CRUSHING, EAR-SPLITTING ROCK. Whether it be deafening out of your speakers or through your headsets (hearing aids definitely will be needed afterwards...) Motörhead will definitely give the rock fan a whole new meaning on the term "HARD ROCK."

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