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Debbie Reynolds
"Best Of Debbie Reynolds"

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Year of Release: 1991

track listing
  • Tammy
  • A Very Special Love
  • Am I That Easy
    To Forget
  • Moonglow
  • Time After Time
  • Mean To Me
  • Love Is A Simple Thing
  • S'posin
  • You Won't Be Surprised
  • Hooray For Love
  • Aba Daba Honeymoon

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    Debbie Reynolds
    "Best Of Debbie Reynolds"

    Before Rock N Roll was at its peak when Elvis Presley triggered the new music movement, easy listening music was the mainstream source of music. Big Band artists, and male/female crooners owned the popularity of the music charts. Of the early female artists, singer/actress Debbie Reynolds played a small part in the Rock N Roll Era -- she had a number one song in the early years of rock and roll, and her #1 was not as rocking as Elvis and the rest, but as Rock N Roll was emerging, big band/easy listening music was slowly on its way out.

    "Tammy" would be her only #1 song (1957), as its as pleasant as any Easy Listening format song, likewise the rest of the songs contained on this Best-of compilation. "A Very Special Love" is pleasant, standards such as "Am I That Easy To Forget" and the soft-jazz "Moonglow" has the listener who is more used to the current music, often wondering in amazement how the music of the early 1950s were so different as it is today; and the common phrase comes to mind: "Ah, they don't make them like THAT anymore!"

    "Time After Time" and "Mean To Me" continues the pleasant easy listening format, and like "Moonlight", they are dreamy, and soft-jazz'ed inspired. Having a more big-band style with a female vocal, "Love Is A Simple Thing" is another good easy listener, and very relaxing. "S'posin" and "Hooray For Love" are other big-band styled tunes, "You Won't Be Satisfied" is soft-jazz'ed, and the album's closer has Carlton Carpenter joing Debbie Reynolds in the very upbeat number, "Aba Daba Honeymoon."

    Fans of the Big-Band sound, and soft-jazz will enjoy Best Of Debbie Reynolds. To get away from the current musical styles of today, Debbie Reynolds' music takes us back to where music was clean, relaxing, and easy to understand the lyrics. Where most people would agree that this kind of music is boring to the later years of rock and roll, Best Of Debbie Reynolds proves that this kind of music can be enjoyable at any given moment, just to get away from it all from the loud and raunchy sounds in later-year rock.

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