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Little Feat
"Time Loves A Hero"

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Year of Release: 1977

track listing
  • Hi Roller
  • Time Loves A Hero
  • Rocket In My Pocket
  • Day At The Dog Races
  • Old Folks Boogie
  • Red Streamliner
  • New Delhi Freight Train
  • Keepin' Up
    With The Joneses
  • Missin' You

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    Little Feat
    "Time Loves A Hero"

    If you're a fan of The Band, then Little Feat should easily get your nod of approval of a band that mixes basically every type of rock music, like rock, blues, country, gospel, rockabilly, boogie, New Orleans jazz and Memphis funk -- types of music that The Band experimented with. Their 1977 release, Time Loves A Hero, has these sources of music, and being an excellent album, it will make you want to listen to more of Little Feat's previous and future releases.

    "Hi Roller" and "Rocket In My Pocket" both have a cool funky beat, likewise the title track, where that one has a little mix of a jamaican reggae feel. "Day At The Dog Races" is a good jazz/rock instrumental, that could easily be used for an opening credits of a radio broadcast, or movie soundtrack. (I can also see the resemblance of the jazz of Frank Zappa; lead singer/guitarist Lowell George was a member of Zappa's band, The Mothers of Invention.) New Orleans jazz best defines "Old Folks Boogie."

    Combining light jazz, funk and soul, "Red Streamliner" definitely has the 1970s soul feel. "New Delhi Freight Train" is a bit mellow, yet it has the soft-country sounds of such bands as The Band and The Grateful Dead. "Keepin' Up With The Joneses" is a bit funky, and could also be compared to The Band and/or The Grateful Dead. The album's closing song, "Missin' You" is definitely country-rock, featuring only accoustic guitar and vocals.

    Featuring many styles of music, Little Feat definitely has your attention on Time Loves A Hero. It has jazz, rock, country, and their sound can be compared to jazz and soul bands of the 1970s, and rock bands such as The Band and The Grateful Dead. Little Feat is one of those bands where you want to hear more of. In most cases, looking up their discography, and discovering a band that had a huge impact can and will be an enjoyable experience. Especially from a band who settled into the Southern/California sound of the 1970s, like their fellow acts before and after them, like The Eagles, Jackson Browne, and Jimmy Buffett.

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    Aldo Nova--Aldo Nova
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