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Rolling Stones

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Year of Release: 1966

track listing
  • Paint It Black
  • Stupid Girl
  • Lady Jane
  • Under My Thumb
  • Doncha Bother Me
  • Think
  • Flight 505
  • High And Dry
  • It's Not Easy
  • I Am Waiting
  • Going Home

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    Rolling Stones

    The early years of The Rolling Stones (1965-1969) -- focused on the Blues. They developed their own style and "bad boy image" as part of the British Invasion, sparked by The Beatles. Having the "bad boy image" would develop them as a popular act in Rock N Roll music, and despite the ups and downs of the band, they are still rocking today, almost 4 decades!

    The 1966 release Aftermath features many well-known hits, easily found on great Stones compilations. What also makes the album great are the "not-so-popular" tunes. Aftermath is an original album, and where most music lovers prefer the original albums over greatest hits compilations, Aftermath proves to be an original of its own.

    Referring to the most famous early Stones (Greatest Hits) compilation, Singles Collection: The London Years, the first 4 songs from Aftermath were included: "Paint It Black," "Stupid Girl," "Lady Jane," and "Under My Thumb." These songs are obviously popular ones; "Stupid Girl" may not ring bells as the others, but like the other three songs, it is just as outstanding as the others.

    The remaining 7 songs on Aftermath is where the listener begins to explore the "lost" album tracks, and discover those that could easily have been popular favorites. "Doncha Bother Me" has a great early Blues sound, as heard on many songs on Beggars Banquet. "Think" is definitely a "lost" album track; it may not have received heavy airplay, but it's an enjoyable Stones tune.

    "Flight 505" is another great upbeat blues/rock number, and is a great candidate for the "not-so-popular tunes by a popular group or artist" category. Likewise, we can say the same for the folksy-bluesy "High And Dry."

    "It's Not Easy" may not be a recognizable hit, yet it is very easy to identify this song by the Rolling Stones. The remaining 2 songs are definitely "lost" album tracks -- the slow-paced "I Am Waiting" and the near 12-minute blues-inspired "Going Home." Both songs are great in discovering "the other songs" by The Rolling Stones.

    Early Blues, as heard by such artists as Muddy Waters and John Lee Hooker best describes the core of the "lost" album tracks found on Aftermath. Not only are the well-known popular tunes are heard here, it is great to discover the songs that were not heavy radio favorites. If you enjoy the Stones' Beggars Banquet release, you'll love Aftermath.

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    Previous Review: #772
    Blues Brothers & Friends--Live From Chicago's House Of Blues
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