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Shadoe Stevens
"American Top 40: May 12, 1991"

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track listing
  • #40) Do You Want Me--
  • #39) Mama Said Knock
    You Out--
    LL Cool J
  • #38) People Are
    Having Sex
  • Juicy Fruit/
    Fox Broadcasting
  • Gateway/
  • #37) Just The Way
    It Is--
    The Rembrandts
  • #36) Rush Rush--
    Paula Abdul
  • Doritos/
    Columbia Pictures
  • #35) How Much
    Is Enough--
    The Fixx
  • #34) Couple Days Off--
    Huey Lewis &
    The News
  • #33) Power Of Love/
    Love Power
    --Luther Vandross
  • Musicards
  • Oxyline/
    GM Parts
  • #32) Unbelievable--
  • #31) Sadeness Part 1--
  • #30) She Talks
    To Angels--
    Black Crowes
  • Rice-A-Roni/
    Fox Broadcasting
  • #29) Iesha--
    Bad Creation
  • Station Mentions
  • #28) Strike It Up--
    Black Box
  • Doritos/
    Columbia Pictures
  • Musicards/Trident
  • #27) My Heart Is
    Failing Me--
  • #26) It's A Shame
    (My Sister)--
    Monie Love
  • #25) Don't Treat
    Me Bad--Firehouse
  • Trident/
  • #24) What Comes
    Sheena Easton
  • #23) Written All
    Over Your Face--
    The Rude Boys
  • #22) Hold You
    Tara Kemp
  • Noxzema Extraordinary
    Teen Promo
  • Musicards/
    Juicy Fruit
  • #21) Miracle--
    Whitney Houston
  • AT40 Flashback:
    Top 5 Hits From
    The Week Of
    May 7, 1977
  • #20) I've Been Thinking
    About You--
  • Rice-A-Roni/
  • #19) You're In Love--
    Wilson Phillips
  • #18) Love Is A
    Wonderful Thing--
    Michael Bolton
  • #17) You Don't Have
    To Go Home
    The Triplets
  • Musicards
  • Doritos/
    Fox Broadcasting
  • #16) Losing My
  • Long Distance
    Out There--
    Linda Ronstadt &
    James Ingram
  • #15) Save Some
  • Carefree/
  • #14) More Than Ever--
  • #13) Voices That Care--
    Voices That Care
  • Noxzema Extraordinary
    Teen Promo
  • Close-Up Toothpaste/
    GM Parts
  • #12 I Wanna Sex
    You Up--
    Color Me Badd
  • #11 Silent Lucidity--
  • True Value/
  • #10) Cry For Help--
    Rick Astley
  • #09) More Than
  • #08) I Don't
    Wanna Cry--
    Mariah Carey
  • Rice-A-Roni/
  • Doritos/
  • #07) Rhythm Of
    My Heart--
    Rod Stewart
  • #06) I Touch Myself--
  • Rice-A-Roni/
    Fox Broadcasting
  • #05) Touch Me
    (All Night Long)--
    Cathy Dennis
  • #04) Here We Go--
    C&C Music
  • True Value/
  • Oxyline/
  • #03) I Like The Way
    (The Kissing
  • #02) Baby Baby--
    Amy Grant
  • Carefree/
  • #01) Joyride--
  • AT40 Commercial #1:
    from Walt Disney
  • AT40 Commercial #2:
    from Walt Disney
  • AT40 Commercial:
    July 4th
    Broadcast promo

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    Shadoe Stevens
    "American Top 40: May 12, 1991"

    Ever since Casey Kasem started American Top 40 on July 4, 1970; this type of show started all of the music countdown programs that would follow. What made this program so unique, was that the latest hits were counted down, from #40 to #1, and while listening to the hits, it was interesting to hear the stories behind each song. Casey Kasem was the main host from 1970 to August, 1988, when Shadoe Stevens became his replacement, from 1988 to January, 1995. For the history of American Top 40, check out this site at (If this link does not work, simply Google "American Top 40 Weekly History")

    I first discovered American Top 40 in 1979, as I was interested in listening to the new tunes of the day. Fascinated by the layout of this program, I was hooked, and was an avid listener for many, many years. I would tape the programs every Sunday morning, and listen to them throughout the week. Unfortunately, I did not keep any of these broadcasts. But thanks to the great people of ebay, I was looking to see if any AT40 broadcasts were available. They were, and continue today, available for sale. Shadoe Stevens' AT40 broadcast from May, 1991, was the first broadcast I was able to purchase, as this show was live from the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida.

    What also makes this broadcast interesting are the cue sheets, detailing for the radio program directors and DJ's who played these discs on the air, so that they knew when to insert their own local commercials, and station ID's before and after each segment. And of course, many of these hits bring back memories, especially those songs that didn't hit #1.

    In looking at the broadcast's Top 40, it's interesting to hear the songs that first appeared in the Top 40 (debuts). There were 6 debuts, and they were:
    #40Salt-N-PeppaDo You Want Me
    #39LL Cool JMama Said Knock You Out
    #36Rush RushPaula Abdul
    #34Huey Lewis & The NewsCouple Days Off
    #33Power Of Love/Love PowerLuther Vandross

    Therefore, with 6 debuts, 6 songs dropped out of the countdown. They were:
    Gloria EstefanComing Out Of The Dark
    Tevin CampbellRound And Round
    Timmy TOne More Try
    Robert PalmerMercy Mercy Me (The Ecology)/I Want You
    GerardoRico Suave

    As this broadcast was from Walt Disney World in Florida, Shadoe was joined on the air by the likes of Disney characters, such as Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Goofy, Donald Duck, and Roger Rabbitt. Very cute conversations between these characters and the one-and-only Shadoe.

    One of the Disney characters (Donald Duck) asked what is the most popular Disney album of all time... The answer was the 1964 Soundtrack of the Disney movie classic, Mary Poppins, spending 14 weeks at #1 on the Billboard album charts, and to this day, has sold over 7 million copies.

    At the end of each segment, (segments consisting of 2-3 songs), actual radio commercials were aired as part of the broadcast. Sponsors such as Doritos, Oxyline, and Juicy Fruit gum commercials were aired, and some do bring back memories, as we all remembered hearing these commercials on the radio in 1991. Also included were the promos for the latest box-office movie... Stone Cold starring former Seattle Seahawks football player, Brian Bosworth.

    Of course, there was the Long Distance Dedication (originally from the Casey Kasem years). A new feature that Shadoe Stevens incorporated was the AT40 Flashback -- a look at the top 5 songs from a particular year for the broadcast week. This broadcast featured a mention of the Top 5 songs for May 7, 1977:
    #5Thelma HoustonDon't Leave Me This Way
    #4Stevie WonderSir Duke
    #3Glen CampbellSouthern Nights
    #2Leo SayerWhen I Need You
    #1The EaglesHotel California

    The Long Distance Dedication was a letter written by a girl in Singapore, writing it for a guy she met at Disneyland. Only spending a few hours together, she cried when they had to leave. They had a great time, and her song dedicated to him was the Linda Ronstadt and James Ingram song, "Somewhere Out There."

    As extra added bonuses, at the end of the broadcast, were commercials for this particular broadcast, to be aired the week before May 12, 1991. Two of the three commercials were simple commercials regarding American Top 40, saying that the week's broadcast was to be aired from Walt Disney World in Florida. The third commercial was for an upcoming AT40 show, on July 4th -- an All-American Top 40 program.

    It is also to mention, about the current songs that had already been number one, as of May 12, 1991, likewise #1 songs that would occur in the upcoming months:
    Past #1's, as of 05/12/1991
    LondonbeatI've Been Thinking About You
    Wilson PhillipsYou're In Love
    Amy GrantBaby Baby
    Future #1's, as of 05/12/1991
    Hi-FiveI Like The Way (The Kissing Game)
    Mariah CareyI Don't Wanna Cry
    ExtremeMore Than Words

    Radio history is captured on every American Top 40 broadcast -- showcasing the 40 biggest hits at the time, from Billboard Magazine. These broadcasts bring back memories for all, listening to these broadcasts years and decades later. Shadoe Stevens ended his hosting of American Top 40, likewise the American Top 40 countdowns ended as well. Casey Kasem left in 1988 to host his own Top 40 show, featuring songs from the Radio and Records company. Recently, Casey Kasem has brought back past American Top 40 broadcasts as Flashback programs. The latest popular host of today's Top 40 countdown shows is Rick Dees. His broadcasts, likewise Casey Kasem and Shadoe Stevens, are also available on ebay.

    For the countdown fan and music fan alike, it's a trip down memory lane, listening to the big hits of the day from years ago, and owning a piece of radio history. Shadoe Stevens' American Top 40 broadcast from May 12, 1991, is a wonderful look at these hits, and having the Disney characters was an extra-added treat.

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