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Maxi Priest
"Best Of Me"

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Year of Release: 1991

track listing
  • Wild World
  • In The Springtime
  • Should I
  • Close To You
  • How Can We Ease
    The Pain
  • Let Me Know
  • Housecall
  • Just A Little Bit Longer
  • Caution
  • Some Guys Have
    All The Luck
  • I Know Love
  • Strollin' On
  • Best Of Me
  • Crazy Love
  • Woman In You
  • Peace Throughout
    The World

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    Paul & Linda Mccartney--Ram
    Maxi Priest
    "Best Of Me"

    In looking at this week's review album cover, many may think that its Lenny Kravitz. The year was 1991, and even though Kravitz had already started his career in 1989, we know that Maxi Priest is definitely NOT Lenny Kravitz. Appearances between the two, they both had the dreadlocks; musicwise, reggae and soul is best to describe the music of Maxi Priest, where Kravitz' music is more of rock and soul than reggae.

    Best Of Me is a compilation Best-of for Maxi Priest, where he had recorded 4 albums since 1985. Achieving 1 number one record, "Close To You," (1990) it is featured here, and another radio favorite, the remake of Cat Stevens' "Wild World" are here with some other tunes that may not have been heavy radio players, yet worth checking out.

    For the true reggae fan, the remake of "Wild World" is quite impressive. It's just as great as Cat Stevens' and has a more upbeat touch, by adding the reggae sound to it. Blending reggae and pop, "In The Springtime" has a more pop sound, with the reggae style. Likewise, "I Know Love," "Best Of Me," and "Woman In Love."

    Blending reggae and soul are heard in Maxi Priest's #1 hit, "Close To You," likewise "Should I" and "Just A Little Bit Longer." The latter song has Priest's vocal style to that (somewhat) of Elvis Costello. Another soulful song is "How Can We Ease The Pain." It's a song that could be overlooked; it's just as soulful as "It Ain't Over Til It's Over" by Lenny Kravitz. This song is definitely worth checking out. "Crazy Love" has a more slow soulful approach with a reggae beat; another tune worth checking out also.

    With the style of reggae, it's easy to compare such songs to that of Bob Marley. "Let Me Know" is very soulful, and could easily be compared to the style of the legendary Marley. "Some Guys Have All The Luck" (Rod Stewart had done this song on his Camoflauge release) has the Marley sound, and has a more pop feel. Pure reggae is heard on "Strollin' On," easily compared to Marley and Peter Tosh.

    Before there was Shaggy, there was Maxi Priest -- "Housecall" has the reggae and "rap" lyrics, as heard in Shaggy's #1 hits "It Wasn't Me" and especially "Angel." Another song that could be compared to Shaggy is Priest's "I Know Love." UB40's music is compared on "Caution."

    "Peace Throughout The World" has a more upbeat sound, just a mix of soul and R&B hip-hop, and the vocal style could be compared to that of Lenny Kravitz. This one is quite different in sound than all of the songs heard before on this release, and is another impressive one.

    Maxi Priest's Best Of Me provides the best in reggae and reggae/soul. There's more pop and soul mixed wtih the reggae style, this best-of has Jamaican reggae roots and has a warm feeling for the listener. For the reggae and soul fans, it's worth checking out.

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    Previous Review: #753
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    Paul & Linda Mccartney--Ram