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Edwyn Collins
"Gorgeous George"

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Year of Release: 1994

track listing
  • The Campaign For
    Real Rock
  • A Girl Like You
  • Low Expectations
  • Out Of This World
  • If You Could Love Me
  • North Of Heaven
  • Gorgeous George
  • It's Right In Front
    Of You
  • Make Me Feel Again
  • I've Got It Bad
  • Subsidence
  • Untitled

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    Edwyn Collins
    "Gorgeous George"

    The song "A Girl Like You" by Edwyn Collins was getting heavy airplay on Rock stations in 1994, and interesting enough, this song has the style of Pop (maybe even New Wave). And, Edwyn Collins' vocals has a resemblence to that of David Bowie. Even the style of the song itself could be related to Bowie's music. Gorgeous George definitely relates to Bowie; his voice and musical style easily fits Bowie's, likewise his vocals can also be compared to another Bowie ally, Iggy Pop.

    Leading off the album is an interesting track, "The Campaign For Real Rock" -- it's mysterious in sound, almost as mysterious as the early Lenny Kravitz. "Low Expectations" is a very relaxing tune, in the style of pop folk. Accoustic guitar is the main instrument, and some harmonica, similar to Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen (Nebraska).

    "Out Of The World" and "If You Could Love Me" have the style of David Bowie once again; "Out Of This World" has a more Pop sounding style, where "If You Could Love Me" has a more soulful approach.

    The accoustic guitar "unplugged" sound returns with "North Of Heaven," another pleasant sounding tune, and could be a regular radio favorite. The title track has another comparison, yet it has a more pop sound -- If you're familiar with Lou Reed and the Velvet Underground, this song can be compared to "Sweet Jane," yet it has a more upbeat pop sound, and even a touch of soul. And speaking of Soul, "It's Right In Front Of You" does have a more soulful approach, as heard in 1970s soul music. And, this song could have easily been recorded by U2, as some of their songs (U2) have a similar soul style.

    The Pop style returns with "Make Me Feel Again;" Bowie is compared again to "I've Got It Bad" and another accoustic guitar "unplugged" is best described for "Subsidence."

    There is a bonus track, which is not listed in the original song listing: There is a 2-minute delay from "Subsidence" (if you were playing the CD from start to finish); this untitled bonus track is a very upbeat bouncy tune, and worth listening to.

    Pop and Soul best describes Edwyn Collins' Gorgeous George. His vocal abilities are easily related to that of David Bowie and/or Iggy Pop, likewise their musical styles. And if we were to judge the music alone, it can be compared to another artist, Chris Isaak. Gorgeous George is an interesting and entertaining album, for pop music lovers all around, it's

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