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"In Deep"

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Year of Release: 1973

track listing
  • God Gave
    Rock And Roll
    To You
  • It's Only Money (Part 1)
  • It's Only Money (Part 2)
  • Losing Hold
  • Be Glad
  • Christmas For The Free
  • Candles On The River
  • Rosie
  • Hold Your Head Up
    (Bonus Track)

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    "In Deep"

    Rod Argent may not be a household name to some, but for those who know music, they will identify him as one of the members of the 1960s group, The Zombies. Also, when he left to form his own group in the 1970s, he would be famous for a huge hit in 1972, called "Hold Your Head Up". Being a fellow keyboardist as Argent, a "best-of" compilation just isn't enough. Collectables Records re-issued some of the early original releases by Argent, and it's always interesting to hear other songs Argent recorded. Many think that Argent was a one-hit wonder with "Hold Your Head Up." Not true; they released 8 albums in their career. 1973's In Deep (their fourth release, and followup to All Together Now, (which originally featured "Hold Your Head Up.")

    In Deep features "Hold Your Head Up" as a bonus track on the re-issued CD. So for those who weren't really familar with Argent's music as a whole, they'll easily remember the last track on this re-issued release, just as soon as they hear the ummistakable keyboard intro from Rod Argent.

    "God Gave Rock And Roll To You" sounds spiritual, with its rock sound, and the use of an instrument used in most sprititual songs, the organ. Yet in the middle, it changes to a more slow tempo, most heard in Progressive Rock acts, such as Emerson, Lake & Palmer, the early years (Peter Gabriel) of Genesis, and Uriah Heep.

    "It's Only Money (Part 1)" is definitely 1970s (hard) rock, compared to the likes of Kansas and Boston. "It's Only Money (Part 2)" is also rock, yet it has a somewhat funky beat.

    Progressive Rock best defines "Losing Hold," as in Uriah Heep's "Circle Of Hands" from Demons and Dragons. "Be Glad" features some off-classical piano at the beginning of the song, (and it also could be compared to the opening piano intro to Joe Cocker's "The Letter"), then it kicks into a 1970s Progressive Rock sound. However, the piano solo towards the end of this song is more of a classical touch, as it reminds me of Yes' Rick Wakeman, from his many classic solo releases. Likewise, the organ solo definitely has the Emerson, Lake & Palmer effect. Yet, the piano solos stands out on this one. This song surely showcases how much talent Rod Argent has with the keyboards.

    "Christmas For The Free" is a soft piano-based ballad, with nice vocals by Rod Argent. "Candles On The River" is another Progressive Rocker (Kansas, Uriah Heep), and very impressive. "Rosie" is nostalgic, having a ragtime piano and boogie-woogie rock style, compared to that of Savoy Brown.

    Progressive Rock fans familar with the likes of Kansas and Uriah Heep will enjoy Argent's In Deep. The two impressive songs on this album are "Be Glad" and "Candles On The River." After hearing this album, some may want to hear more of Argent, and likewise the music of Rick Wakeman, another impressive Progressive Rock/Classical keyboardist.

    There's more to "Hold Your Head Up." Argent had much more music than being a one-hit wonder. Argent may not be a regular act on most radio playlists, but somewhere on many FM-Rock stations, I'm sure their music is being heard by fellow Argent fans, and newly discovered Progressive Rock fans as well.

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    Previous Review: #746
    The Raspberries--Collector's Series
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    Trisha Yearwood--Thinkin' About You