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"Pass It On Down"

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Year of Release: 1990

track listing
  • Pass It On Down
  • Here We Are
  • Down Home
  • Forever's As Far
    As I'll Go
  • Jukebox In My Mind
  • Moonlight Lounge
  • Goodbye (Kelly's Song)
  • Fire On Fire
  • Until It Happens To You
  • Gulf Of Mexico
  • Starting Tonight
  • I Ain't Got No Business
    Doin' Business

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    "Pass It On Down"

    Alabama returns to the WSVNRadio website with their 1990 release, Pass It On Down. As the 1990s were approraching, Alabama may have had their peak popularity in the late 1980s, but they proved they could remain as popular in the newest decade. Alabama's music is true-defined as Country, even though as the Nineties came to a close, Country music had a more pop and rock sound.

    Speaking of which, there are songs that do have the pop/rock meets Country sound -- "Here We Are" and "Fire On Fire." "Until It Happens To You" has a more Rock sound, as in the later years of .38 Special. "Gulf Of Mexico" cound be compared to the Pop sound of Jimmy Buffett.

    As for traditional Country, there are songs that still makes Alabama one of Country Music's most popular acts. The title track and "Down Home" are two songs continuing in the entertaining Country sound Alabama is most fanous for: It sounds Country; not Pop, not Rock -- pure Country. Also to mention is their #1 Country tune "Jukebox In My Mind" -- somehow the melody of George Strait's "All My Ex's Live In Texas" seems to be a comparison while listening to "Jukebox In My Mind." And continuing in the true-grit Alabama Country sound, is another "no Pop, no Rock, just Country" tune -- "Moonlight Lounge."

    Another reason why Alabama is so popular, are their ballads. There are three of them here, and they are all Classic Country: "Forever's As Far As I'll Go", "Goodbye (Kelly's Song)," and "Starting Tonight."

    The closing tune is a bit more bluesy -- "I Ain't Got No Business Doin' Business Today" can be compared to The Judds and/or the solo works of Wynonna Judd.

    All in all, it's Alabama Country, and no doubt about it, Alabama does have great music for any Country fan to enjoy. Pass It On Down to yourself, that this album is entertaining and enjoyable.

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