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Three Dog Night
"Seven Separate Fools"

© MCA Records

Year of Release: 1972

track listing
  • Black And White
  • My Old
    Kentucky Home
  • Prelude To Morning
  • Pieces Of April
  • Going To Circles
  • Chained
  • Tulsa Turnaround
  • In Bed
  • Freedom For
    The Stallion
  • The Writings
    On The Wall
  • Midnight Runaway

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    Three Dog Night
    "Seven Separate Fools"

    As explained in my previous Steppenwolf review, finding original albums by certain rock acts are virtually impossible. In the beginning of the CD craze, many original albums were indeed re-issued on compact disc. MCA Records has fallen into this category of discontinuing original albums on CD, as such talents as The Mamas and the Papas, Steppenwolf, and this week's review group/artist, Three Dog Night, did get their catalogues re-issued on the CD laser beam, but in later years, were discontinued. Discovering the great hits, lost hits, and interesting album tracks are always a treasure when listening to a group or artist's massive or moderate repertoire of music recorded. We can easily say this for this week's review, Three Dog Night's Seven Separate Fools, released in 1972.

    Kicking off the album is their #1 song, "Black And White" a well-known AM favorite, as I had this single, on their original label Dunhill. It's B-side is also featured later in the album, "Freedom For The Stallion," a beautiful pop song, and for those around in the days of the standard 45 RPM records, it's always a treat to see the big hits and their B-sides when released on CD.

    Giving an almost country-pop feel to an old song standard, "My Old Kentucky Home" is quite impressive. It's different in the common pop sound of Three Dog Night, and can easily be treasured as a lost album track, that could easily turn heads when heard everytime. "Prelude To Morning" has the common cheesy pop sound, yet it's an instrumental. And as nice as it sounds, this song would of been better if vocals were provided; leaving the listener hanging at the end. "Pieces Of April" and "Going To Circles" are beautiful pop songs, as it features Three Dog Night's vocalist Chuck Negron at his usual best, likewise the harmonies of his fellow Dog Nighters, Danny Hutton and Cory Wells.

    "Chained" on the other hand, has a more harder rock feel, as the music could be compared to that of Steppenwolf, yet it has the sweet vocals and harmonies of Three Dog Night. "Tulsa Turnaround" is very different; a rougher vocal approach, and can easily be compared to ragtime, New Orleans Jazz, and the music of Leon Russell, The Band, and Little Feat.

    "In Bed" has a more rock feel, than the common pop, yet it still features what Three Dog Night does best: the three-part harmonies, as in their hit "Family Of Man" on this one. "The Writings On The Wall" also features their great harmonies, and this song has a funky approach, as heard in songs by Sly and the Family Stone. A rougher funk style is heard on the album's closer, "Midnight Runaway," and it also could be compared to the rougher style of Steppenwolf, but the vocals are that of Three Dog Night.

    Once again, discovering the "other songs" of Three Dog Night, rather than the common favorites are worth mentioning. Their other songs do feature their familiar pop style, with the ballads of pop tunes written by the likes of Elton John and many others, and their are the other songs that feature a more harder edge than the standard Three Dog Night hit singles. It's always fascinating to play a particular tune, like say "Midnight Runaway" and play the trivia game "Who Sang This Song?" Many would probably not guess that it's Three Dog Night, and when the answer is revealed, we can imagine the surprise looks on people's faces when they realize the true identities.

    VH-1's Behind The Music has covered The Mamas and the Papas, and even Steppenwolf. It would be great to see a Behind The Music program on Three Dog Night. VH-1 has mentioned Three Dog Night in their Where Are They Now series, yet Behind The Music is much better as it provides an hour dedicated to many of the great talents who recorded great music in their careers. Chuck Negron was argued as the main lead singer of Three Dog Night, where Danny Hutton and Cory Wells were originally credited as lead singers as well. But it was Chuck Negron's lead vocals that supplied many of their hits. Chuck Negron has recoverd from a drug addiction, and is currently recording again, on his own. Is there a comeback for Three Dog Night, with the original members? That question is yet to be answered. But for now, we can enjoy their music on CD (Greatest Hits packages, no doubt), but if you can find their original releases on CD, it will be worth the listen.

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