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The Sylvers
"Greatest Hits"

© Curb Records

Year of Release: 1994

track listing
  • Boogie Fever
  • Hot Line
  • High School Dance
  • Cotton Candy
  • Any Way
    You Want Me
  • Free Style
  • Another Day To Love
  • The Roulette Wheel
    Of Love
  • That's What Love
    Is Made Of
  • Ain't No Doubt
    About It

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    The Sylvers
    "Greatest Hits"

    We flash back to a time where dancing was the latest craze, and Disco music was "IN"... And many groups and artists (including "veterans" from decades before; Rod Stewart and The Rolling Stones to name a few...) had jumped on the Disco train to achieve popularity with the Disco crowd. Among those, were a family act of brothers and sisters named The Sylvers, from Memphis, Tennessee.

    Comparing their musical style, they were compared to another (black) family act, a group of brothers from Gary, Indiana -- The Jackson 5. They may not have been a well-known name as the Jacksons, yet The Sylvers had another similarity to them -- The Sylvers had a #1 hit during the disco craze -- "Boogie Fever." Another song does come to mind when thinking of The Sylvers -- "Hot Line." These two songs are standouts in my memory of this group, as Curb Records released a Greatest Hits compilation of The Sylvers in 1994. Both songs mentioned are here, with 8 others.

    "High School Dance" is a great jumping dance tune, comparing to the likes of the early Jacksons and Sly & The Family Stone. "Cotton Candy" has a more soulful disco dance sound.

    "G O T T A  D A N C E !"
    You can't help but dance to "Any Way You Want Me," likewise "Free Style" -- this one is a classic disco dance club classic.

    Slowing things down just a bit (not negatively for this review, by the way...), "Another Day To Love" is a nice slow-type soulful dance number, with a medium dance beat. "The Roulette Wheel Of Love" is a classic example of pure soul, and can be compared to the likes of great Soul groups as The Stylistics and The Delfonics.

    "That's What Love Is Made Of" and "Ain't No Doubt About It" are also soul-type tunes, having a medium soulful beat. It's also pure soul, as many acts from 1970s Soul.

    Defining classic Disco and Pure Soul best defines the Greatest Hits of The Sylvers. This one was hard to find; of course I did see it at the record stores, but didn't grab it when I first saw it. (Moral of that story is: When you see something you think you'd want -- GET IT NOW, or it will be gone tomorrow) But thanks to, they were able to locate it, even though it did take a while for them to spot it. I'm assuming this compilation is out-of-print, but for the die-hard Soul fans, this one is a treat, in hearing a group that is part of the family of songs that reached the #1 position in music history. The Sylvers are part of that history -- "Boogie Fever" (1976), and it's always interesting to hear their other popular and not-so-popular tracks that Greatest Hits compilations produce.

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