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Cheap Trick
"Woke Up With A Monster"

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Year of Release: 1994

track listing
  • My Gang
  • Woke Up With A
  • You're All I Wanna Do
  • Never Run Out Of Love
  • Didn't Know I Had It
  • Ride The Pony
  • Girlfriends
  • Let Her Go
  • Tell Me Everything
  • Cry Baby
  • Love Me For A Minute

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    Cheap Trick
    "Woke Up With A Monster"

    The Reunion Revival: Many bands who had their heydays from previous decades return to the spotlight, hoping to once again grab that shining star, as they once did in their glory days. In 1994, Cheap Trick returned with a new album of new material: Woke Up With A Monster. Having a much harder-edge sound, Cheap Trick may have had their glory days behind them, yet Cheap Trick was updating their sound; times had changed, and so did music.

    "My Gang" -- Is this Cheap Trick or is it Aerosmith? This tune has a hard-rock style sound as heard in many Aerosmith songs. And with their lyric "You wanna be in my gang..." it has the same lyric as in the Brownsville Station's "Leader Of The Gang."

    The album's title track seems to be the hit record that received the most radio airplay, and if you're familar with the early years of Cheap Trick, you're in for a surprise; this one is different, as it has a very eerie approach in sound, and could be a good song for rock stations featuring Halloween songs (being that Halloween is right around the corner).

    "You're All I Wanna Do" has a very nice hard-rock flavor, and could easily be recognized as Cheap Trick for the common CT fan. Likewise, "Never Run Out Of Love" is a nice ballad-type song, as it also has an Aerosmith feel to it. "Didn't Know I Had It" can also be recognized as a Cheap Trick song with an up-to-date sound, it could also be compared to... yes, again, Aerosmith.

    "Ride Your Pony" is one of those lost songs that never were recognized for future radio exposure. Having a hard-rock blues approach, as its beat catches your attention. And for the hard-rock (Aerosmith) fan, there's "Girlfriends", with the vocals of Robin Zander, you would swear it's Stephen Tyler and Aerosmith! And this song could easily be a radio favorite, given the chance. THIS ONE ROCKS!

    "Let Her Go" is another great rocker, and yes, the music style can be compared to Aerosmith, yet the vocal style is of Robin Zander and Cheap Trick. "Tell Me Eveything" is definitely Cheap Trick, with an 1990s up-to-date rock sound.

    And WOW!!!... "Cry Baby" is definitely blues. Slow blues, and yep, Robin Zander does sound like Stephen Tyler on this one too. "Love Me For A Minute" is kinda funky, yet it may not be as "fortunate" as many of the other rocking songs on this album, this one does rock in its own right, being probably the only least-listened-to song that could be chosen for this album.

    Is it Cheap Trick or is it Aerosmith? Many of the songs on Woke Up With A Monster could easily be mistaken as Aerosmith. Yet this album is good, many may not have liked Cheap Trick updating to a style that is already commonly known as the 1990s Aerosmith. Not to say this album is bad, it isn't.. It is a very well-done album, and for the die-hard fans of hard-rock, many will be surprised that it is Cheap Trick. Cheap Trick never rocked this hard in their heyday glory years.

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