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Rolling Stones
"Bridges To Babylon"

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Year of Release: 1999

track listing
  • Flip The Switch
  • Anybody Seen
    My Baby
  • Low Down
  • Already Over Me
  • Gunface
  • You Don't Have To
    Mean It
  • Out Of Control
  • Saint Of Me
  • Might As Well
    Get Juiced
  • Always Suffering
  • Too Tight
  • Thief In The Night
  • How Can I Stop

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    Rolling Stones
    "Bridges To Babylon"

    It seems our choosing of weekly albums likes the Rolling Stones. Since 2001, numerous Stones releases have been chosen: Beggars Banquet, Aftermath, and Dirty Work. This week, their 1997 release, Bridges To Babylon is chosen, and like their later releases, it's either a hit (for the die-hard Stones fan), or a miss (for the others in general).

    "Flip And Switch" has the same sound as later releases, such as Dirty Work, likewise "Anybody Seen My Baby" relates to Voodoo Lounge. The true-grit sound of the Stones is heard on "Low Down," easily recognized as a Rolling Stones song, the first few seconds you hear it.

    "Already Over Me" is a good ballad, and its easy to hear how the Stones have aged over the decades, in a good sense here. "Gunface" may not be as good as previous rockers, yet it's the Stones at what they do best, and that's mixing rock with blues grit. And another least favorite tune is "You Don't Have To Mean It." Could it be because Keith is on lead vocal? Not necessarily, it's just a different song in general for the Stones.

    The next tune however, has great potential: "Out Of Control" is mysterious and is a typical great Stones song from start to finish. "Saint of Me" may need a few listens more to enjoy, but it does get better as the tune sets in. "Might As Well Get Juiced" is another song that is fair, may not get the juices exactly going, but it's a pretty good tune. "Always Suffering" is another ballad, and it seems the ballads on this release seem to have the better sound for the aging Stones.

    "Too Tight" is a rocker, yet it shows the aging Stones as much as they rock on this song, they have had better years. "Thief In The Night" is a medium-paced song, and again, it's a pretty good song, but not enough to rant and rave about. Yet the ending song is another ballad, and like previous ballads on this release, "How Can I Stop" and the like have the better potentials.

    The Stones may or may not have been better with age, yet it shows how they try to rock, and the results being fair to good. However, the ballads seem to have a better sound here, a good sign for the now 50-something Stones. For the die-hard Stones fan, this album will always be enjoyable, but the Stones already had their prime in the '60s and '70s. As much as they continue to rock in their "golden years," they have proved It's Only Rock 'n' Roll, and they like it. But... when you've had it for 20 years, and all of a sudden, it tends to be less exciting, its best to just put it aside, and let the fresh young artists take over. There aren't that many new artists to rant and rave about these days as it used to be, but there are always a few standouts that do deserve the recognition.

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