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Little Eva
"The Best Of Little Eva"

© Collectibles Records
Year of Release: 1991

track listing
  • The Loco-motion
  • Keep Your Hands Off
    My Baby
  • Where Do I Go
  • Let's Turkey Trot
  • Swinging On A Star
  • Old Smokey Locomotion
  • The Christmas Song
  • What I Gotta Do
    (To Make You
  • The Trouble With Boys
  • Heigh-Ho
  • Just A Little Girl
  • Please Hurt Me
  • Makin' With The Magila
  • Wake Up John
  • Get Him

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    Little Eva
    "The Best Of Little Eva"

    Little Eva is best known for her #1 hit, "The Loco-motion." Many artists after her have covered this tune, including Grand Funk (who also hit #1 with their version), and Kyle Minouge, to name a few. But Little Eva's version is the best known, and there really isn't any other song that people can remember from her career. Yet she had other hits (maybe not as popular and/or memorable); Collectibles Records, one of the many labels that chronicles the career of groups and artists, released The Best Of Little Eva, a 15-song set in 1991.

    Little Eva got her big break when she was a baby-sitter for songwriters Carole King and Gerry Goffin. Asking her to record the latest song they had written, "The Loco-motion" was an overnight success for Eva, and was also #1. Two other hits that would be popular (Top 20 hits) were "Keep Your Hands Off My Baby," and "Let's Turkey Trot" -- both typical late-50s, early 60s doo-wop.

    "Where Do I Go" also has the doo-wop sound, likewise "Old Smokey Locomotion" is actually "On Top Of Old Smokey," with a 50s updated sound, and referencing "The Loco-motion," which was already a big hit.

    There are 3 duets with Big Dee Irwin, a singer who had been with the group The Pastels: The Bing Crosby favorite, "Swingin' On A Star" and the standard "Christmas Song" (Nat King Cole) has the '50s doo-wop update sound on the Crosby classic, and a more soulful approach for the Christmas favorite. "Heigh-Ho" is more R&B, as this was the sound, graduating from doo-wop, into a more Soul environment.

    "What I Gotta Do (To Make You Jealous)" and "The Trouble With Boys" have the sound of such girl-groups as The Ronettes, The Crystals, and The Chantels. These songs could easily be "mistaken" as one of Phil Spector's Wall of Sound arrangements. Another song in this category, is "Just A Little Girl."

    The ballad "Please Hurt Me" is a very R&B soulful tune, "Makin' With The Magila" is upbeat R&B, "Wake Up John" is medium-R&B / early Motown, and "Get Him" has the typical early-'60s girl-group sound.

    Little Eva's music showcases the early years of R&B music: doo-wop, Soul, Phil Spector and Motown. A great look at early Rock and Roll music. If you happen to be a baby-sitter for any songwriter(s), you may want to be browse through their songs and see which ones you think will be a hit, maybe they'll give you the opportunity to sing it.

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