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April Wine
"On Record"

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Year of Release: 1971

track listing
  • Farkus
  • You Could Have
    Been A Lady
  • Believe In Me
  • Work All Day
  • Drop Your Guns
  • Bad Side Of The Moon
  • Refuge
  • Flow River Flow
  • Carry On
  • Didn't You

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    April Wine
    "On Record"

    April Wine's is back on the WSVNRadio site; it's their 5th album on our site, and their sophomore release of their career. Their debut album was release in 1970, and by the time On Record was released, they had already replaced their bass player, Jimmy Henman, with Jim Clench. They would again change personnel after the On Record release, practically everyone was replaced, except for Clench, and their lead singer, Myles Goodwyn.

    "Farkus" starts the album as an instrumental hard rock song, as it leads into a great rocker, "You Could Have Been A Lady," having a common 1970s Rock sound, as compared to the early Doobie Brothers and the early Allman Brothers. The ballad "Believe In Me" has a more progressive rock touch. "Work All Day" and "Drop Your Guns" (very impressive) returns to the hard rock style April Wine is famous for, 1970s Rock, that could fit any Classic Rock format.

    "Bad Side Of The Moon" has the Classic hard-rock sound, likewise another impressive tune -- "Refuge" -- compared to the likes of The Guess Who and Ten Years After, definitely impressive Classic Rock style.

    "Flow River Flow" has a more Pop sound, as it could relate to the solo music of Paul McCartney. "Carry On" returns to the standard Classic hard rock style, as many songs have on this release. "Didn't You" is a ballad, using the accoustic guitar as its main instrument, as heard in Pink Floyd's "Wish You Were Here."

    Classic Rock best describes April Wine's On Record. Being their 2nd album of their career, they were establishing a certain sound. As future releases came for the band, they would excel in hard-rock, and also their ballads were exceptionally done as well. April Wine may have changed personnel along the years, but one member always remained, their lead singer, Myles Goodwyn. For those familiar with April Wine, hearing Goodwyn's voice can easily determine that the music heard is that of Canada's April Wine. Their original albums maybe hard to find, but they are entertaining to listen to. April Wine is best known for their 1981 hit ballad "Just Between You And Me," (from The Nature Of The Beast), yet they have other great tunes (hard rocking and other ballads) that are just as great.

    Discover or re-discover a band that may not have been as popular in the U.S., yet they can be as popular in decades to come.

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    Edwyn Collins--Gorgeous George
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