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Talking Heads
"Remain In Light"

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Year of Release: 1980

track listing
  • Born Under Punches
    (The Heat Goes On)
  • Crosseyed And
  • The Great Curve
  • Once In A Lifetime
  • Houses In Motion
  • Seen And Not Seen
  • Listening Wind
  • The Overload

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    Talking Heads
    "Remain In Light"

    In honor of The Talking Heads inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame earlier this year, The Talking Heads returns to the WSVNRadio site with their 1980 release, Remain In Light. The song that stands out from this album is "Once In A Lifetime," where visions and memories of high school are X'ed in my mind, and the famous lines from this song... "You may find yourself in a beautiful house... With a beautiful wife... And you may ask yourself -- Well... how did I get here?"

    Previous releases classifed their music as New Wave Punk, yet this type of music is not the case for many songs on Remain In Light. The opening track, "Born Under Punches (The Heat Goes On)" has a more tropical, African-music type atmosphere. Likewise, "The Great Curve" experiments with upbeat African-type music as well. (World Music would be the appropriate term, as another artist, Peter Gabriel would also have a future interest in this type of music.)

    On that note, "Houses In Motion" is kinda weird. Experimenting with African music, this one is very different. We can also say the same with "Seen And Not Seen," where it does have some upbeat rhythms and thanks to producer Brian Eno, his interest in experimental keyboards gives this song a different touch -- this keyboard experimentation can be referred to the likes of Kraftwerk, a band that heavily used keyboards, and what would later become techno music. The album's closing track, "The Overload" definitely has an eerie and mysterious atmosphere; a good soundtrack tune for a mystery novel, and a good mind wanderer.

    "Crosseyed And Painless" and "Once In A Lifetime" are probably the only songs on this release, that can relate to the early New Wave sound of The Talking Heads.

    The Talking Heads did a complete 180 on Remain In Light, by experimenting with other sources of music, not regularly heard on previous releases. With the help of Brian Eno, keyboard experimentation, and African music, Remain In Light is a different experience in sound. New Wave is not best described as a whole for this album; the best way to describe Remain In Light would be an experience in sound and mind.

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