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Elvis Presley
"Spinout/Double Trouble"

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Year of Release: 1984

track listing
  • Stop, Look And Listen
  • Adam And Evil
  • All That I Am
  • Never Say Yes
  • Am I Ready
  • Beach Shack
  • Spinout
  • Smorgasbord
  • I'll Be Back

  • Double Trouble
  • Baby, If You'll Give Me
    All Your Love
  • Could I Fall In Love
  • Long Legged Girl
    (With The
    Short Dress On)
  • City By Night
  • Old MacDonald
  • I Love Only One Girl
  • There Is So Much
    World To See
  • It Won't Be Long

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    Elvis Presley
    "Spinout/Double Trouble"

    My fondest memory of Elvis Presley's Spinout, is not the movie, but the music, especially the title song 45 single and its flip side. As a child, (it was in first grade, if my memory is right), Show and Tell was my favorite event. I would bring in my 45 RPM records that either my mother and/or older brothers had given me, and "Spinout" with its appropriate B-side, "All That I Am" was brought in for the students to enjoy.

    Elvis had to be my first music idol. Once discovering him, other music talents followed, thanks to my mother and brothers. The "Spinout" single went through a lot of wear and tear over the years, as my vivid image of this 45 saw the black vinyl turn to an off-colored white, which tells you how much I used to play this single.

    Elvis Presley's movies, on the other hand, were not as exceptional for reviews. One thing that always stood out, was the music for each of his films. I may not remember much of each movie's dialogue and storyline, yet I always looked forward in hearing his music.

    Spinout featured Elvis as a race car driver, and Double Trouble featured Elvis playing two roles, similar to twins (The fact still remains that Elvis was a twin when he was born, but his brother Jesse died at birth; we can only imagine what it would of been like to watch Jesse and Elvis, and wondering how Jesse would handle his famous brother.)


    Starting off the Spinout soundtrack is Stop, Look And Listen, a song that easily fits the 1968 TV Special, likewise "Adam And Evil," "Never Say Yes" and "Smorgasbord"

    The beautiful ballads here are "All That I Am" (a favorite of mine, being the the flip side of "Spinout"), and "Am I Ready," a song best remembered for me from his Burning Love LP, an album of songs from his movies. "Beach Shack" has a bossa-nova sound, similar to another movie song, "Do The Vega," from Viva Las Vegas. "I'll Be Back" is your typical Rock & Roll Elvis, having the 50s/early 60s Elvis sound.

    Double Trouble
    The 1968 comeback special comes to mind on songs such as "Double Trouble" and "Baby, If You'll Give Me All Your Love." "Could I Fall In Love" is another one of Elvis' beautiful ballads, as it features some great instrumentation. The '68 comeback special sound returns with "Long Legged Girl (With The Short Dress On)."

    "City By Night" is very impressive; it features Elvis in a jazz atmostphere, with its horns and piano in a typical jazz sound. The standard "Old MacDonald" once agains returns to the Comeback Special style; "I Love Only One Girl" is best remembered once again from Elvis' Burning Love LP; "There Is So Much World To See" and "It Won't Be Long" easily fits the Comeback style.

    The soundtrack to Spinout and Double Trouble has Elvis in showman style, compared to the performances on his 1968 Comeback Special. Despite many songs from his soundtracks may not have achieved great success as his non-movies, its easy to hear how Elvis shaped his music around the showman style. Elvis was indeed a great performer, yet many felt that his movies were terrible, as for storylines. His earliest movies were considered his best, and many felt that he could have become a serious actor. (Barbra Streisand considered Elvis in the lead male role in A Star Is Born; we can only imagine how serious an actor Elvis could have been if Colonel Tom Parker had agreed to let him play the role. Parker would control Elvis' film career; many agreed that this was probably one big mistake Elvis could bave avoided.)

    Regardless, Elvis Presley still remains an Icon and Legend. His music will always be with us, and truly inspires future musicians to last a lifetime and beyond. Elvis' movie music can be experienced as touch-and-go, yet we can only imagine what Elvis could have done if he had more creative control in his movie career. All in all, Elvis will remain the King. Love live the King, and thanks for the wonderful memories.

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