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"Stiff Upper Lip"

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Year of Release: 2000

track listing
  • Stiff Upper Lip
  • Meltdown
  • House Of Jazz
  • Hold Me Back
  • Safe In New York City
  • Can't Stand Still
  • Can't Stop Rock 'N' Roll
  • Satellite Blues
  • Damned
  • Come And Get It
  • All Screwed Up
  • Give It Up

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    "Stiff Upper Lip"

    Like many bands before them, AC/DC continues to record and tour today, just as their fellow "dinosaur" legend bands, such as The Rolling Stones, Motorhead, and any other acts who have not only been around for nearly or over 3 decades, but also coming up in age -- being over 40, 50 years old, and proving you still are never to old, to Rock N Roll.

    AC/DC was formed in 1973, in Sydney, Austrailia. Under the lead of Bon Scott, his vocals and Angus Young's unique guitar playing and stage presence led them into Hard Rock superstar status, until Scott's untimely death of a drinking binge in 1980. Brian Johnson would fill in Bon Scott's shoes, and with his first album as lead singer, Back In Black, it would be the ultimate question if future releases would be as popular as they were with Bon Scott. Back In Black was a great start; it became one of the best albums ever recorded. Yet like the Rolling Stones, Johnson's albums with AC/DC would be of good-to-mediocre reviews from critics, despite their albums would sell very succesful from its fans. Even so, fans enjoy their music, as they have rocked auditoriums with their hard rock force, giving each and every fan not only an earful, but a perfection stage appearance as well.

    AC/DC sure knows how to rock (as always) on Stiff Upper Lip. This is definitely proven on the title track, and others such as "Meltdown," "Satellite Blues," and "Give It Up." There are others that are just as good -- which pretty much sums up the rest of this album. The only exception is "House Of Jazz"; a less-than-interesting tune; it's the only one that would not get as many repeated listens as other songs.

    Yet the remaining tunes are good, as they easily rocks the walls as AC/DC has always done: "Hold Me Down," "Can't Stand Still," "Can't Stop Rock 'N' Roll," "Damned," "Come And Get It," and "All Screwed Up" -- Great hard rock tunes and should be enjoyed by the true AC/DC fan.

    Another good tune is "Safe In New York City"; with this title, and this album released in the year 2000, New York City was actually safe then; yet it would be a year later when the terrorists attacked the World Trade Center.

    AC/DC has always done one thing well, and that is ROCK. Stiff Upper Lip is a decent album; it's not as miraculous as say some of the releases with Bon Scott, and Back In Black, yet there are some tunes here that are quite enjoyable for the hard rock/heavy metal fan. With almost 30 years in performing and recording, AC/DC proves the fact of one their album titles, Let There Be Rock -- Rock it is, and they will continue doing so.

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