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Roger Miller
"The 3rd Time Around"

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Year of Release: 1965

track listing
  • Engine Engine #9
  • This Town
  • The Last Word In
    Lonesome Is Me
  • Water Dog
  • I'll Pick Up And
    fsGo Home
  • Swiss Maid
  • It Happened That Way
  • The Good Old Days
  • One Dyin' And
    A Buryin'
  • Kansas City Star
  • Big Harlan Taylor
  • Swing Low
    Swingin' Chariot

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    Roger Miller
    "The 3rd Time Around"

    My memory of Roger Miller began in my childhood. His most popular song was "King of the Road," but my favorite Roger Miller song would have to be "The Good Old Days," a song that was the opening theme song for an old-time radio show, hosted by Jack Cripe on Lansing, Illinois radio WLNR. As I was browsing through the vinyl records at various garage sales as a child, I noticed the 45 rpm record of another popular song by Miller, "England Swings" (Like A Pendulum Do). The flip side, was "The Good Old Days," the song I was looking for, and was quite excited to have it as part of my vinyl collection back then.

    My disappointment however, was when the 3-cd box set of Roger Miller's music, King Of The Road: The Genius Of Roger Miller did not have "The Good Old Days" as part of its retrospective. (Bear Records, a German import record company that releases box sets of complete material, spanning over at least 5 or more cds, most likely has this song.) With the recent tecnology of the Internet and especially, searcing for the original album that contained my favorite Roger Miller song was on the hunt.

    Thanks to, I was able to bid and win (at an affordable price), the original Smash LP (that's vinyl 33 1/3 RPM, by the way...) of The 3rd Time Around, Miller's third album on the Smash label. Converting from vinyl to CD was then made when the album was received.

    "This Town" features the "bip-bip-bip" vocals and style, as heard on another big hit of Miller's, "Dang Me." "Water Dog" has the boogie-woogie style of an old Elvis movie song, "My Babe." "I'll Pick Up My Heart And Go Home" is a very nice ballad, having a common country sound as heard in the 1960s. "Swiss Maid" is a simple country sounding tune, "Swing Low Swingin' Chariot" has a "plink-plunk" rhythm style.

    Songs from the 3-CD set are on The 3rd Time Around: "Engine Engine #9," "The Last Word In Lonesome Is Me," "It Happened That Way," "One Dyin' And A Buryin'," "Kansas City Star," and "Big Harlan Taylor." They all have a very early country sound, and easily fits Roger Miller's style as a country performer, and some songs may have a novelty approach as well.

    Original albums are rare to find from the many performers of the early days of rock 'n' roll. Roger Miller was considered Country more than Rock, with his laid-back easy style, novelty lyrics, and easy to listen musical style. The roots of Country is heard here, and is very different to the later decades' Country music. Roger Miller was a great entertainer, and sadly, he passed away of throat/lung cancer in 1992, at the age of 56. You can visit his main website, at

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