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"A Trick Of The Tail"

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Year of Release: 1976

track listing
  • Dance On A Volcano
  • Entangled
  • Squonk
  • Mad Man Moon
  • Robbery Assault
    And Battery
  • Ripples
  • A Trick Of The Tail
  • Los Endos

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    "A Trick Of The Tail"

    A Trick Of The Tail became the first album for Genesis, where Phil Collins became the lead vocalist. Former lead singer Peter Gabriel left the group for a solo career, and many auditions were taken in search of a new vocalist. But in the end, their replacement singer was already a member of the band: Phil Collins was the drummer, and with having a drummer as lead vocalist back then, the future may not be as promising to some, as it was once was with Gabriel. But the Phil Collins/Genesis era would be their most successful in later years. But looking back on how it all began with Collins, it is quite different, listening to A Trick Of The Tail. It shows how having a new singer would be the start of a new sound and era.

    The Peter Gabriel/Genesis sound definitely remained on Trick, yet with a different vocalist. "Dance On The Volcano" has a great progressive rock sound, compared to the likes of Emerson, Lake & Palmer, and the years with Gabriel as vocalist. "Entangled" is a soft ballad, and for those knowing Collins and Genesis in their later years, it's easy to determine that "Entangled" is Genesis AND Collins, and even having a progressive sound, as in the band Yes, this song could easily have been featured on a future Genesis release, such as Duke.

    "Squonk" seems to be defining the sound of Collins and Genesis on later releases, and again, it is easily recognized as Genesis with Collins. Likewise, "Mad Man Moon", another ballad, (as compared to ELP), indicates to the listener back in 1976, that with the departure of one singer and sound, another new sound was forming. "Robbery, Assault And Battery" has just a bit of pop mixed with progressive, and yet, it was the start of a new sound and era for Genesis.

    "Ripples" starts out as a ballad, and can be compared to the Gabriel era. It is definitely progressive in sound, and tells the listener that they could continue with their past sound, and mix it with their new one. The title track would be a hit on FM Radio, and it also has the mix of the old Genesis and what would be the new sound for Genesis. The instrumental "Los Endos" ends the album with a traditional Progressive Rock sound, that was heard quite frequently in the decade of Progressive Rock, the 1970s.

    A Trick Of The Tail does continue the pre-Collins (Gabriel) progressive sound, yet there were the beginning foundations of a new sound for the band's new singer. All of the songs clock in roughly around the 5-7 minute mark, where the beginnings of each song does show the band's new direction, and towards the end of each song, the instrumental music of 1970s Progressive Rock entertains those who enjoy Progressive Rock Music. This album is not just a great album, it also shows how one band losing one prominent member can survive with a new one, and prove that success can happen, the second time around. This is a rare occasion, but Genesis would become more popular with Collins than with Gabriel in the decades to come.

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