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Petula Clark
"Greatest Hits Of Petula Clark"

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track listing
  • Downtown
  • A Sign Of The Times
  • Don't Sleep In
    The Subway
  • Let It Be Me
  • Colour My World
  • This Girl's In Love
    With You
  • Kiss Me Goodbye
  • I Couldn't Live
    Your Love
  • I Know A Place
  • The Other Man's Grass
    Is Always Greener
  • Who Am I
  • My Love
  • Happy Heart
  • You'd Better
    Come Home
  • This Is My Song
  • Round Every Corner

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    Petula Clark
    "Greatest Hits Of Petula Clark"

    Petula Clark was a popular British singer from the 1960s. Her biggest hit was the #1 song "Downtown," (1965) and she would achieve a second #1 hit a year later with "My Love." She would be more popular in other countries, such as Europe, France and Germany. In later years and decades she would appear in films, and on Broadway. Recently, she achieved the Commander of the Order of the British Empire (1998), from Queen Elizabeth. A very interesting career for Petula Clark, where many may not remember the name, but her signature hit "Downtown" will always bring back memories for those who remember, and those who would hear her song on television commercials and remixes.

    Record company GNP Crescendo released her Greatest Hits compilation in 1986. GNP Crescendo had released many greatest hits compilation on vinyl, and when CDs were first introduced in the late '80s, conversion of their releases to CD were introduced to the market for sale. Another greatest hits compilation I would have on vinyl (then later found on CD) was The Best of John Lee Hooker, which was originally a two-disc vinyl album, released on one CD. In both cases, the original songs are intact, which makes the fan of either Hooker or Clark not to be disappointed if the songs were re-recorded for CD, due to copyright conflicts.

    Petula Clark's British and style sound is heard on popular hits such as "Don't Sleep In The Subway," "Colour My World," "I Couldn't Live Without Your Love" and "I Know A Place." Likewise on "A Sign Of The Times," "Round Every Corner" and the impressive "Kiss Me Goodbye," a song that is very entertaining with its orchestration. "Let It Be Me," "The Other Man's Grass Is Always Greener" and "This Girl's In Love With You" (which would become a #1 vocal hit for Herb Alpert -- "This Guy's In Love With You") has Petula Clark recording songs in an entertaining style for what would later become Easy Listening. Other examples of the Easy Listening style is heard on "Who Am I" and "You'd Better Come Home." "Happy Heart" has a slight resemblance to Frank Sinatra's "Fly Me To The Moon." "This Is My Song" has a Broadway-style atmosphere, which could be a contender for a Broadway stage play.

    This compilation of Petula Clark's Greatest Hits is a great look at how British music was heard in the 1960s. Clark's style is not that as of The Beatles so-to-speak, yet it has a distinctive British sound that would be unique for her voice, and includes a very impressive orchestrational background to support her. With the British Invasion occuring in the 1960s, a British female singer by the name of Petula Clark would be also popular along with the likes of her fellow British male counterparts.

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