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John Conlee
"20 Greatest Hits"

© MCA Records

Year of Release: 1987

track listing
  • Rose Colored Glasses
  • Lady Lay Down
  • Backside Of Thirty
  • Before My Time
  • Friday Night Blues
  • She Can't Say That
  • What I Had With You
  • Miss Emily's Picture
  • Busted
  • Nothing Behind You
    Nothing In Sight
  • I Don't Remember
    Loving You
  • Common Man
  • I'm Only In It
    For The Love
  • In My Eyes
  • As Long As I'm
    Rockin' With You
  • Way Back
  • Years After You
  • Working Man
  • Blue Highway
  • Old School

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    John Conlee
    "20 Greatest Hits"

    As my interest in Country music was growing, I was reading the book entitled The Billboard Book of Number One Country Hits by Tom Roland, © Billboard Books, 1991. The book covered the country number songs from January, 1968, and ending in December, 1989. It was interesting to view all of these songs, since my interest in #1 songs on the Billboard Pop Charts is one of many features on the WSVNRadio website.

    John Conlee had 7 number one songs, from 1979 to 1986. Six of them are on his 20 Greatest Hits: "Lady Lay Down," "Backside Of Thirty," "Common Man," "I'm Only In It For The Love," "In My Eyes," and "As Long As I'm Rockin' With You." His last #1 song, "Got My Heart Set On You" is not on this release.

    The opening track is a great traditional standard country song, "Rose Colored Glasses." The music is definitely standard country, likewise Conlee's voice. Likewise, "Lady Lay Down" is a great ballad, and "Backside Of Thirty" can be compared to the later country years of Jerry Lee Lewis. "Before My Time" and "Friday Night Blues" are very enjoyable laid-back country tunes, "She Can't Say That Anymore" has a pop/country atmosphere, and "What I Had With You" is another great laid-back ballad.

    "Miss Emily's Picture" and "I Don't Remember Loving You" have the common traditional country style, and his remake of the Ray Charles/Johnny Cash "Busted" has a nice country boogie-woogie style. "Nothing Behind You, Nothing In Sight" is another great laid-back country ballad. "Common Man" is my favorite, as it was the #1 song on my birthday in 1983. "I'm Only In It For The Love" is a song that brings back memories, one of those songs you say to yourself, "Oh! I remember that one!"

    "In My Eyes" is another great country ballad. "As Long As I'm Rockin' With You" from start to finish, great country sound, as songs like these just aren't heard much anymore. The remaining tunes "Way Back," "Years After You," "Blue Highway," "Old School" and "Working Man," are all very enjoyable laid-back country-styled tunes, and can even be mixed with today's country, especially "Working Man" being compared to the laid-back songs by Alan Jackson.

    Laid-back traditional country best describes John Conlee. His name may not be as popular as say, Garth Brooks, George Strait, Toby Keith and the likes, yet his music is from the old school of country, and we often wonder what Mr. Conlee is doing these days. His music is definitely country, and truly enjoyable by country fans, old and new alike.

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