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"Empty Scotch Bottle Blues"

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Year of Release: 2001

track listing
  • Empty Scotch
    Bottle Blues
  • Smok In Eyes
  • Dreamcatcher
  • The Sun Bleeds
  • Indian Sunset
  • Mrs. Macgillicutty
  • You Shook Me
  • Watermelon Blues
  • Lord Lovetts' Lament
  • Everything

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    "Empty Scotch Bottle Blues"

    Here is an incredible review about a blues band with a unique sound, and how they helped WSVNRadio to where its at today: The band is named Pipapelli (pronounced Pipe-a-pel-li)... In the year 2001, WSVNRadio was beginnings it's search for unsigned bands and artists. After a slow start, the year 2002 had only achieved 3 artists before Pipapelli sent their second release, Empty Scotch Bottle Blues, released in 2001. In listening to Pipapelli, they are a blues band. Oh, not just your typical blues band featuring the common sounds of guitars and harmonica, this blues band features a very unique instrument: The Bagpipes.

    Now, the bagpipes have a very distinctive sound, where most would say that it would be NOT a common instrument recommended to use for Rock n Roll. Giving an open and honest ear to music, Pipapelli has brought the blues to a new environment; that is, using the bagpipes in blues music. However, the bagpipes weren't in "full swing" as-to-speak, for Empty Scotch Bottle Blues, it would be a very driving force on their next release, Borderguard, released in 2002, and from it, "Rock And Reel" would appear on The WSVNRadio Hall Of Fame, Volume One.

    The title track is your typical blues rock. A 3-chord boogie, this song is the traditional blues standard. All of the instruments, including the bagpipes, blends very well. "Smok In Eyes" is an instrumental, guitar only. It has a very 1960s Psychedelic atmosphere, as the likes of Jethro Tull, or even Captain Beyond. "The Sun Bleeds" is another song that could have been from the 1960s Psychedelic Era, as say the early Jefferson Airplane.

    The Elton John song "Indian Sunset," (originally from Madman Across The Water) is quite impressive, a very laid-back, easy going Psychedelic blues style. And towards the end, there is a long bagpipes solo, giving this song a unique ending (which by the way, this song is over 10 minutes in length). "Mrs. Macgillicutty" is more of a novelty tune, having a unique sound with flutes, guitar, and vocals. It has the accoustic guitar and vocal interpretation to that of the early Led Zeppelin, and flute progressions to that of Jethro Tull.

    "You Shook Me" has the bagpipes in full sound with the blues. It's the Willie Dixon composition, which was also recorded by Led Zeppelin, but it's done Pipapelli-style -- Full bagpipes, guitar, bass, and unique vocals. "Watermelon Blues" returns with the Psychedelic blend of the 1960s. The bagpipes return in full force on "Lord Lovetts' Lament," a slow-driven blues style, focusing on the bagpipes, and the drumbeat keeping the rhythm. Likewise, the ending number is another slow-driven blues tune, "Everything," featuring your typical 3-chord boogie blues, with bagpipes as well.

    Pipapelli's unique sound will have listeners curious to hear more. Their unique sound continues on their next release Borderguard. Pipapelli is not your typical blues band. It's blues with the bagpipes, making their sound unique, and those who never heard their music, and learning that the bagpipes are used, they will be curious to hear them, and create a buzz to tell others. When I gave a local record store in Illinois a copy of The WSVNRadio Hall Of Fame, Volume One CD, the owner kept mentioning that everyone was asking about Pipapelli, as they were one of the many artists on Volume One people were interested in.

    After receiving their second and third albums, Pipapelli forwarded a website to WSVNRadio, in help to locate new artists: Thanks to Pipapelli, NAR, the MP3 College Radio Network, and the Indie Bible, WSVNRadio has released (as of this date), 9 Hall of Fame compilations in 7 months. The response from these sources has been overwhelming. WSVNRadio thanks these sources, and every artist who has become part of our Internet Radio Station.

    Visit the Pipapelli website, at:

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