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"In Search Of Space"

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Year of Release: 1972

track listing
  • You Shouldn't Do That
  • You Know You're
    Only Dreaming
  • Master Of
    The Universe
  • We Took The Wrong
    Step Years Ago
  • Adjust Me
  • Children Of The Sun

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    Rick Wakeman--The Word And The Gospels
    "In Search Of Space"

    Hawkwind's second album (of their career, third overall on the WSVNRadio site), 1972's In Search Of Space, is a great title of an album that travels into Psychedelic Rock. Hawkwind's early years and early releases captivates Psychedelic Rock in a different form: Some say they sounded like the early years of Pink Floyd, or even the first album by Alice Cooper, where others say that Hawkwind was ahead of their time. Hawkwind may not be as popular as Pink Floyd or Alice Cooper, nor do they get regular airplay on AOR Rock stations, but Hawkwind is a popular cult band, their popularity is underground -- not too many people may remember them, but to those who do, they could easily have merged with Classic Rock Radio and its many popular artists.

    Psychedelic trips are heard throughout the album, such as "You Shouldn't Do That" -- a 15-minute trip into pure psychedelia. Likewise "You Know You're Only Dreaming." As I listen to the "Dreaming", did the group Chicago get the "ooohs" melody heard in the beginning of this song for their 1974 hit "Wishing You Were Here" ?

    "Master Of The Universe" is a classic psychedelic Rock song, that will have 1960s fans enjoying this one. The beginning of "We Took The Wrong Step Years Ago" is mellow, as heard in Jethro Tull's music, yet it builds into another psychedelic journey and returns back to its mellow sound. Classic Psychedelic with the use of synthesizers and keyboards best describes "Adjust Me," and "Children Of The Sun" has the accoustic guitar/unplugged sound, and can be compared to the likes of the early Moody Blues, and even Jethro Tull.

    Hawkwind was definitely ahead of its time. How many radio stations features Hawkwind's music on a regular basis, say as such Classic Rock groups as Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and the likes? Not many, or none at all. But somewhere on underground radio stations, and let us not forget the Internet Radio boom, Hawkwind is being played by many of these stations, and fans of Classic Rock and 1960s Psychedelic Rock in general will be hearing Hawkwind for the first time. Hawkwind adjusted to the times, by playing music popular at the times, but they are best remembered as a Psychedelic/Hard Rock band, and one-time member Lemmy would later form another great Punk/Metal band, Motorhead. An interesting trip, Hawkwind is just as a cult band as The Grateful Dead was, and even both bands have been around for decades, we can easily say for both -- "What a long strange trip it's been."

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    Rick Wakeman--The Word And The Gospels