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Darren Rhodes
"Jesse Told Becky Goodbye"

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Year of Release: 1995

track listing
  • Jesse Told
    Becky Goodbye
  • Johnny Walker Walk
  • She Gets It Right
  • Your Mister
    Misses You
  • You Got Me
  • I've Been There
  • I'll Remember You
  • Send The Angels Down
  • Work Hard Play Hard
  • Coldest Night
    Since 1951

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    Darren Rhodes
    "Jesse Told Becky Goodbye"

    Another artist from The WSVNRadio Hall of Fame! Darren Rhodes was featured on The WSVNRadio Hall of Fame, Volume III, and from it, comes one of the most touching country songs ever written: "Coldest Night Since 1951," originally from Darren's album, Jesse Told Becky Goodbye. If you like country story-telling songs, this CD is a must.

    The title track is a great ballad, as it tells the story of two inseparable lovers, and later on, Jesse leaves. Becky still has her passion for Jesse, and even later, Becky passes away. Jesse comes to the funeral, to tell Becky goodbye again, regrettably. "Johnny Walker Walk" is about drinking, and what Country song doesn't include this topic... With references to Johnny Walker, Jack Daniels, and Jim Beam, it's a country-tonkin musical story, with Rhodes' voice fitting the traditional hillbilly style.

    "She Gets It Right" is another medium-honky tonk'er, telling the story of a lady looking for "Mr. Right." "Your Mister Misses You" is another ballad, and the ballads seem to fit Rhodes much better than the honky-tonk'ers, as "Mister" tells the story about the road. Another ballad, "You Got Me," is about relationships, and again, the ballad format is well-done here.

    "I've Been There" is another soft-country tune, likewise "I'll Remember You" -- a well-crafted song, that clearly defines the traditional old-fashioned country sound. "Send The Angels Down" is another ballad, having a slight resemblence to Waylon Jennings' "Amanda." "Work Hard Play Hard" is another honky-tonker, but the best song was saved for last: "Coldest Night Since 1951" is truly one of the best written songs for lyrics, and Rhodes' voice makes it even better. The lyrics are so easy to understand, and it's a tear-jerker:
    "The weatherman said tonight would be, the coldest night since 1951.
    But I don't have to worry, my woman keeps me warm
    As I pulled into the driveway, I could tell there's something wrong,
    The house is dark and empty, and I can't believe she's gone."
    music and lyrics written by R. Steele

    Darren Rhodes' voice is unique, the ballads easily fit the best for his vocal style. The faster country tunes maybe a little rough around the edges, but the musical style defines traditional country, where today's country has a more pop and/or rock feel. Story-telling songs are always the best in Country, and there are many stories to tell on Jesse Told Becky Goodbye. A very impressive album, Darren Rhodes has made his mark in the leagues of Country music. Not as dramatically compared to the "Major Leagues" of Country, Darren Rhodes shows his heart and style in a very entertaining way, and only time will tell where his music will increasingly become more popular.

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