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John Fogerty
"John Fogerty"

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Year of Release: 1975

track listing
  • Rockin' All Over
    The World
  • You Rascal You
  • The Wall
  • Travelin' High
  • Lonely Teardrops
  • Almost Saturday Night
  • Where The River Flows
  • Sea Cruise
  • Dream Song
  • Flying Away

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    John Fogerty
    "John Fogerty"

    Most people refer to John Fogerty's Centerfield as his first solo album. That release was his comeback in 1985, yet it was his third solo release, after a decade of not recording. Fogerty had given up the music business then, having differences with his record company and the likes. John Fogerty, released in 1975, was his second release, and listening to it, it definitely sounds as if Creedence Clearwater Revival had not broken up.

    Rockers such as "Rockin' All Over The World, "The Wall" and "Almost Saturday Night" could easily have fit the previous CCR releases. "You Rascal You" has a more country sound, rather than the standard rock sound of CCR fans know and love. "Travelin' High" has a great Memphis Soul sound, as the horns are the giveaway. Even his remake of Jackie Wilson's "Lonely Teardrops" has a soulful sound. "Where The River Flows" has a great country/gospel sound, as heard on his first solo release, The Blue Ridge Rangers.

    The rough-edged voice is heard on the remake of Frankie Ford's "Sea Cruise," as this song could have been a bonus track for the later releases of CCR. "Dream Song" definitely has the sound from CCR's Green River album, especially the song "Lodi." It also has a good country/gospel sound as well. The closing song, "Flying Away" has a good comparison to the new sound that would emerge in the 1970s, Country Rock.

    John Fogerty has his music continuing in the traditioanl CCR rock fashion, and a few samples of country/gospel and soul. It would be a sampling of what would yet to come, but unfortunately, another album was in the works for Asylum records, but the record company rejected it. Fogerty would then retire from the music business, as his record company with CCR created financial matters that made Fogerty give up music for the next 10 years. Fogerty emerged with a great comeback album in 1985, and several releases after; all of them are excellent releases, and it's great to have Fogerty back in the music spotlight.

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