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Joan Baez
"One Day At A Time"

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Year of Release: 1969

track listing
  • Sweet Sir Galahad
  • No Expectations
  • Long Black Veil
  • Ghetto
  • Carry It On
  • Take Me Back To
    The Sweet
    Sunny South
  • Seven Bridges Road
  • Jolie Blonde
  • Joe Hill
  • David's Song
  • One Day At A Time

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    Joan Baez
    "One Day At A Time"

    Joan Baez, a great folk singer from the 1960s... she appeared in the original Woodstock, and the Live Aid concert in 1985. Her performances at Woodstock were outstanding, and two songs from this week's review were songs she performed there. One Day At A Time released in 1969, takes a look at folk music, and how it could even be passed as Country.

    "Sweet Sir Galahad" and "Joe Hill" were the memorable songs from Woodstock, and both original studio recordings are here. "Sweet Sir Galahad" is just as exceptional as from Woodstock, yet "Joe Hill" had a more folk sound at Woodstock, where the original studio recording is a little bit faster.

    The Rolling Stones' "No Expectations" is a remarkable song, combining the likes of folk and country. Traditional Country best describes "Long Black Veil," and hearing the great country guitarwork, it is learned that Jerry Reed was one of the studio musicians on this album, providing his fingerpicking and rhythm guitar skills. Traditional folk and gospel has "Ghetto" another great song to listen to.

    "Carry It On" is another traditional country sounding song, as the steel guitars are the standouts in this song, likewise Baez's incredible voice. Country bluegrass is heard on "Take Me Back To The Sweet Sunny South," and "Jolie Blonde," as both songs could have easily been added to the O Brother Where Art Thou soundtrack. Folk and Country best describes "Seven Bridges Road," and the traditional folk/country style of Joan Baez is heard on "David's Song," once again, showcasing Baez's great voice. The ending title-track song was written by Willie Nelson, and it has the traditional folk style, as heard in Peter, Paul & Mary, with the addition of the country steel guitars.

    A combination of folk, country and bluegrass has One Day At A Time a very relaxing, enjoyable release. Joan Baez's voice shines on each song, and like her fellow folk artists, her music is definitely entertaining, with interesting and political stories. One Day At A Time will get repeated plays, growing more and more entertaining with each listen.

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