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Thin Lizzy
"Thunder And Lightning"

© Metalblade/Warner Bros. Year of Release: 1983

track listing
  • Thunder And Lightning
  • This Is The One
  • The Sun Goes Down
  • The Holy War
  • Cold Sweat
  • Someday She Is Going
    To Hit Back
  • Baby Please Don't Go
  • Bad Habits
  • Heart Attack

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    Thin Lizzy
    "Thunder And Lightning"

    1983's Thunder And Lightning was the last studio album by Phil Lynott and Thin Lizzy. Lead singer Lynott died of a drug overdose in 1986. Thin Lizzy was best remembered for the hits contained on Jailbreak: The title track, and most especially, "The Boys Are Back In Town." Their remaining studio albums may not contain as huge hits as Jailbreak, yet they are not to be passed up. Being a 3-piece band, Lynott has been compared to Jimi Hendrix, being a black bassist, leading a band with white musicians, and writing/co-writing his own songs. Thin Lizzy's albums (like Hendrix's) were truly outstanding, and will be enjoyed by hard-rock fans, past, present and future.

    The title track kicks off the album, and it has a strong comparison to the Aerosmith sound. Lynott's voice sounds weary though, maybe not as strong as previous albums. His voice is better (and throughout the rest of the album) on "This Is The One" -- and the band's sound is strong and tight, and defines a great hard-rock style that would later be influenced by many future 1980s rock bands. "The Sun Goes Down" is a bit mellower as the other hard-rockers on this album, yet Lynott's voice is smooth and cool throughout.

    "The Holy War" definitely has the 1980s hard-rock sound, that would become much popular later at the end of the decade. "Cold Sweat" is another strong hard-rocker, as in such bands as Deep Purple and Rainbow. But it's Lynott's voice that is the giveaway as being Thin Lizzy.

    "Someday She Is Going To Hit Back" brings back the traditional Thin Lizzy sound from past releases, with blazing 1980s updated guitar works. Die-hard fans of Thin Lizzy's past releases will enjoy the next two songs, "Baby Please Don't Go" and "Bad Habits" -- It's the old and enjoyable Thin Lizzy sound that truly rocks. "Heart Attack," the album's closing tune has the updated 1980s hard-rock sound for Thin Lizzy. And it is strange to hear Phil Lynott singing in "Heart Attack" -- "Mama, I'm dying, dying..." 3 years later, sad to say, Phil Lynnot died as a result from a drug overdose.

    Thin Lizzy was updating their sound with what would be known as the "1980s Hair Band" sound. Yet their old style is heard on some songs, Thin Lizzy was still a force to be reckoned with. Even though some previous releases may have been better than Thunder And Lightning, Thin Lizzy was getting older, (like many other bands). Their edge was not completely gone, they still knew how to rock, and we can only imagine what Thin Lizzy would have accomplished had Phil Lynott not experimented with drugs, which would be the cause of his death in 1986. (The same can be said for Hendrix, and many other rock stars who succumbed to drug and/or alcohol abuse.) All in all, Thin Lizzy's music will be carried on to generations to come, and will be an influence to artists now, and beyond.

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    Previous Review: #845
    Steve Lawrence--Songs By Steve Lawrence
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